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Cambalache, Cancun

Cambalache is a sophisticated and welcoming steakhouse serving excellent Argentinian cuisine for you to try on your holiday to Cancún. Choose from prime cuts of high-quality beef, including the top sirloin centre cut or the tenderloin steak, cooked on a charcoal grill.

As well as steak, the extensive menu offers a variety of sumptuous meat, seafood, and pasta dishes. Appetisers include spinach rolls containing succulent ham and olives, or you could sink your teeth into the yellowfin tuna with soy and citrus sauce. For the main course, you can move on to the delicious fettuccine bolognese or Neapolitan chicken, both served with a flavoursome tomato sauce. Alternatively, choose a dish cooked on the wood-fired grill for a typical Argentinian flavour, such as the suckling pig, short ribs or lamb.

After you’ve chosen, be sure to watch the chefs prepare your meal in their open kitchen, so you can see exactly how the magic happens. Visitors can dine amongst the dark wooden decor, enjoying fine wine and the modern feel of this lively restaurant.