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Cenotes, Cancun

Cenotes are incredible natural features found all over the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, which make for an unforgettable day spent swimming and exploring nature. These mesmerising places were once considered sacred wells by the Mayans and you will see exactly why when you venture out to see them for yourself.

Formed from underwater caves, cenotes can be described as sinkholes filled with water. The blue, shimmering pools make them particularly alluring to travellers, with many choosing to take a picnic and enjoy a spectacular day out in the wild at these sites. A number of cenotes offer steps down to the water, making it easy to go for a swim.

There are usually one or two vendors at cenotes, but it is best to pack a bag with any gear you might need, including lunch and water. Often, visitors bring their own snorkelling equipment and dive down into the crystal clear waters to explore this fascinating geographical marvel. Cenotes are certainly impressive sights not to be missed by adventure lovers on a holiday in Cancún.