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Chiquitito Café, Mexico

Mexico is one of the world’s top coffee producers but it was not until a few years ago that the locals got to sample the produce, as its finest coffees were almost always exported. Today, it’s places like the Chiquitito Café that are helping Mexico City to increase its own unique speciality coffee scene.

In 2012, Jeremy Clausse and his wife decided to open a speciality coffee shop in Colonia Condesa – the Chiquitito Café. This small, delightful café’s skilful baristas serve a variety of great coffees such as café con leche, cappuccinos, matcha lattes, espressos, chai teas and much more.

There’s a seating area inside and outside, or you can simply grab your coffee to go, and if you fancy a bite to eat the freshly prepared sandwiches are delicious. Due to the popularity of the Chiquitito, they have opened another café in the Cuatémoc area, surrounded by embassies, hotels and office blocks. This new Chiquito offers a refreshing alternative to the ordinary cafés, located in an area frequented by locals and diplomats, as well as travellers.