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Asilah, Morocco

Located just south of Tangier in Northern Morocco, charming Asilah town is a popular seaside resort. The town is quiet for most of the year, but in the summer months it gets extremely busy and the streets and town beach are packed with sun-seeking Moroccan and Spanish families.

The best beaches in Asilah is Paradise Beach, located approximately 1.5 km south of the medina. The sea is clear and the sandy beach is clean and lovely making it a great place for swimming, sunbathing. You can even take a camel ride along the sand.

Another highlight you cannot miss is the pedestrian-only medina (old town) with its colourful Mediterranean styled houses, colourful arts scene and restaurants serving a wonderful fish tagine.

The town is quite small and can easily be explored on foot but there are also horse and donkey carts to hire.