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Food and Drink, Amsterdam

Taste modern Dutch cuisine, Indonesian tapas or a simple toasted sandwich. Amsterdam is a hit with those who love to brunch, thanks to the vast choice of cosy café’s dotted around this superb city. This beautiful city also offers some exquisite Belgian beers to try and taste. If you’re a beer lover with a sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy the taste of the strawberry, passion fruit or raspberry beer available to drink in a variety of bars.

Bars and Cafes

The streets of Amsterdam are lined with bars and cafes as far as the eye can see. One of the greatest ways to experience the sheer beauty of the city’s streets is to sit outside with a coffee and watch the world pass by you as you relax at one of the bars or cafes. Enjoy breakfast in style as you take in the city’s buzzing ambience.

One of the most beautiful bars in Amsterdam is ‘t Smalle, located beside one of the city’s prettiest canals, meaning its outdoor seating is immensely popular in the summer. This bar was built as a distillery in the 1700s and it has retained much of its original décor, offering a classy and vibrant atmosphere.

Amsterdam also has a thriving nightlife, with neon lights, great drinks and a buzzing atmosphere. If you’re out for a good time in the evening, be sure to call in at one of the many late-night bars, such as Pollux.

Cheap places to eat

Amsterdam is full of cheap places to eat, which provide you with delicious food for a fantastic price. If you have a yearning for some fast food, be sure to call in at Rob Wigboldus Vishandel, a favourite local restaurant that serves hearty, fast and cheap food that visitors from all over the world love. If you’re in the mood for a mouth-watering sandwich and a can of Heineken, you’re in the right place.

Alternatively, you could head to Omelegg in the city centre for a world-class omelette at an amazingly low price. You can choose from a wide range of meat and vegetarian sides, and each dish is freshly prepared, guaranteeing quality.

For gourmet jacket potatoes, you should stop off at Jacketz Nieuwendijk. Serving a vast selection of toppings, this restaurant’s jacket potatoes are to die for, as are the low prices. If you pay this eatery a visit, we’re sure you’ll be back before your holiday is over.

Local cuisine

Amsterdam is home to a wide variety of food that you can simply must try during your holiday. Local cuisine ranges from delicious desserts to freshly prepared seafood, all of which is cooked lovingly and available from a large selection of eateries located all around the city.

Cheese is a big deal in the Netherlands, there’s even an entire Cheese Museum dedicated to the food. So, you should make every effort to pop into one of Amsterdam’s ‘kaas’ shops to sample some Geitenkaas or Gouda. Fresh cheese is also available at the markets.

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to enjoy a Stroopwafel, which is two thin waffles held together by a layer of syrup. Available from many street markets, these mouthwatering treats are best enjoyed when they are hot. Ontbijtkoek, or ‘breakfast cake’ as it is literally translated, is a filling ginger cake that comes in loaves, and is delicious with a spreading of butter.


Call in to PIQNIQ for a fantastic breakfast to get your day off on the right note. Alternatively, you could enjoy a delicious lunch to keep you going for the afternoon.

Open from 9am to 5pm, visitors to Amsterdam have plenty of opportunity to pay this café a visit and choose from a menu of delicious dishes. PIQNIQ is particularly famed for its delectable gourmet sandwiches, both hot and cold. It is also home to fresh salads and incredible quiches.

Aside from the great food, the friendly and fast service is another draw which keeps visitors from all over the world returning to the café, time and time again. Diners can choose to eat in or takeaway. The outdoor tables also give you the opportunity to sit outside in the sun, take in the beautiful architecture of Amsterdam’s streets and watch the world go by as you eat.

Vegetarian restaurants

Amsterdam is home to a large number of vegetarian restaurants, which serve up a wide range of delicious vegetarian dishes. If you are travelling with meat eaters, most restaurants provide options for both palettes, ensuring everyone can enjoy their dining experience, together.

If you are looking for a gourmet eatery that caters to vegetarians, look no further than Librije’s Zusje Amsterdam. This fine dining experience gives you the chance to enjoy some of the finest vegetarian dishes to be found anywhere in the city.

For somewhere cheaper, call in at Broodje Bert. One of Amsterdam’s most popular cafes, it serves everything from omelettes to hot and cold sandwiches, as well as salads.

Zaza’s is famed for its excellent service and wide range of cuisine choices, suiting the palettes of both meat eaters and vegetarians. Each dish is prepared and served as though it were a work of art, so book a table here to enjoy a sophisticated evening out.


Vinkeles is the epitome of fine dining in Amsterdam. Ever since it opened in 2006, it has been one of the city’s most popular restaurants, combining fresh ingredients with a fresh approach to dining.

Choose from a range of lovingly prepared main courses, from pigeon to caviar, all of which are cooked to absolute perfection and presented like a work of art. The desserts are also to die for, with sorbets, cheese cake and soufflé to name a few selections.

The décor is modern and stylish, taking your dining experience to whole new heights, and the world-class service ensures your every need is attended to while at Vinkeles. Booking in advance is recommended as the restaurant is known to book up fast.

Private dining is available if you wish to host an exclusive dinner, Vinkeles’ private dining rooms can accommodate from between two and 14 people.