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Bars and Cafes, Amsterdam

The streets of Amsterdam are lined with bars and cafes as far as the eye can see. One of the greatest ways to experience the sheer beauty of the city’s streets is to sit outside with a coffee and watch the world pass by you as you relax at one of the bars or cafes. Enjoy breakfast in style as you take in the city’s buzzing ambience.

One of the most beautiful bars in Amsterdam is ‘t Smalle, located beside one of the city’s prettiest canals, meaning its outdoor seating is immensely popular in the summer. This bar was built as a distillery in the 1700s and it has retained much of its original décor, offering a classy and vibrant atmosphere.

Amsterdam also has a thriving nightlife, with neon lights, great drinks and a buzzing atmosphere. If you’re out for a good time in the evening, be sure to call in at one of the many late-night bars, such as Pollux.