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Cheap places to eat, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of cheap places to eat, which provide you with delicious food for a fantastic price. If you have a yearning for some fast food, be sure to call in at Rob Wigboldus Vishandel, a favourite local restaurant that serves hearty, fast and cheap food that visitors from all over the world love. If you’re in the mood for a mouth-watering sandwich and a can of Heineken, you’re in the right place.

Alternatively, you could head to Omelegg in the city centre for a world-class omelette at an amazingly low price. You can choose from a wide range of meat and vegetarian sides, and each dish is freshly prepared, guaranteeing quality.

For gourmet jacket potatoes, you should stop off at Jacketz Nieuwendijk. Serving a vast selection of toppings, this restaurant’s jacket potatoes are to die for, as are the low prices. If you pay this eatery a visit, we’re sure you’ll be back before your holiday is over.