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Centraal Station, Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Centraal Station is the largest train station to be found anywhere in the city and is used by over 160,000 passengers every day. This magnificently Gothic building is a breathtaking sight to behold and dates back to 1889 when the line was first opened.

The building features very detailed architecture and statues that anyone who’s interested in Amsterdam’s historic buildings just can’t afford to miss seeing. It is conveniently located near the canals so visitors can enjoy a barge ride along Amsterdam’s waterways upon arrival in the city.

There are also various shops and places to eat within the station, so if you are travelling by train, you can ensure you have had something to eat before your journey. Centraal Station is a stylish and scenic way of getting from the airport to the city centre, too, if you have just arrived in the country. The airport has great transport links to the station.