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Portugal may emit a calming aura, but don’t let that sway your views on the wildly exciting activity scene it has to offer. From paragliding adventures to abseiling, there is something for all the family to enjoy on a Portugal holiday. Hire a quad bike and take an adrenaline-inducing ride around Portugal. Whether you’re an advanced rider, or you’ve never ridden before, the quad bike tour guides will cater your session to your experience.

AquaShow Park

Aquashow Park is one of the leading water parks in Portugal, offering a large, unique and family friendly water park that is presented like a theme park.

Its attractions include a “water coaster” (a large waterslide that is like a rollercoaster), and the highest free fall waterslide in Europe, with two slides that are 32m high. For those who are looking for less thrills and more chills, there is a 250m lazy river, and a range of slides that can be enjoyed by the whole family, including slides for children. There is also a terrific wave pool.

There are also multiple facilities on site. There is a snack bar that serves refreshments throughout the day and a souvenir shop and photo service to help you get the perfect keepsake of the day. There are also lockers available to keep your valuables are safe.

The park also has it’s own 4-star hotel, which gives you unlimited access to the park throughout your stay. It has modern suites, a gym, a Jacuzzi and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Bike hire

Portugal’s stunning environment and high quality, safe roads make an ideal location for any cycling enthusiast to go to for a great cycling holiday.

There’s a vast array of bike hire companies spread across the nation, including some well known and highly trusted national companies as well as multiple personable, local companies in multiple areas. They will tailor the bike to your size, age, fitness and ability, and will ensure it is fitted with high quality parts and equipment. There are several types of bikes available for hire, including road bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes and even electric bikes.

Portugal is home to many exciting routes ideal for cycling, with many mountainous and off road routes to try as well as multiple on road routes which will take you past stunning scenery. If you are unsure of which route to take, then try one of the multiple guided tours that are on offer from a range of companies.

Costa Vicentina Natural Park

Costa Vicentina is a natural park in Algarve in Portugal, with multiple walks that present you with stunning natural beauty and wildlife.

The park features striking cliffs, rocky coves and hidden away sandy beaches along a beautifully preserved coastline. There is also an array of vegetation and wild flowers in the park as well as reefs and dunes. The park is also home to a vast amount of wildlife including a range of birds which can be seen passing in large numbers (especially in the autumn when they can be seen in groups of thousands). There are also marine areas which are home to a wide variety of marine life.

There is over 400km of walking trails across the park which are well sign posted and can be walked freely and safely. The walks present you with astonishing views of the area and allow you to get up close to the area’s wildlife and natural beauty. There are few facilities in the area, however there is a lighthouse in which there are two small shops and a museum, and elsewhere there is also a small café.

Dolphin & Whale Watching

Portugal is a prime location for dolphin and whale watching, with multiple spots that are home to a diverse range off thriving species of dolphins and whales. Some area’s have become so well renowned that they have attracted tourists and experts from all over the world, including marine biology specialists and film crews from both the BBC and National Geographic.

Dolphin and Whale watching trips are widely available in the popular areas of the Algarve and the Madeira. There are several species often spotted near mainland Portugal, including sharks, whales, orcas, common dolphins and risso dolphins in the Algarve area. Bottlenose dolphins are also common here and they often come close to the surface making them easy to see, particularly on mornings when the sea is calm.

The Azores however is home to some of the best waters in the world for whale spotting, housing 21 species of whale including in whales, minke whales and multiple beaked whales. There are also false killer whales, spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and striped dolphins commonly found here.


Portugal is widely considered to be a world class destination for golfing holidays across the globe, boasting 5 star courses, stunning views and a warm year-round climate.

The country is home to 80 golf courses varying in length and difficulty, many of which are of a world class standard and have previously hosted championship tournaments, with the Oceânico Faldo Course at Amendoeira Golf Resort in the Algarve having hosted the PGA EuroPro Tour in 2017. The Algarve is amongst one of the most popular destinations in the country for golf, with several fantastic courses, however Lisbon, Porto and the Madeira are also popular for having challenging courses with tremendous backdrops.

There are also multiple hotels with varying rates and options to choose from which allow you to enjoy a high quality golf holiday. Portugal also enjoys a warm year-round climate, meaning you can visit for a quality experience at any point of the year.

Gypsy market

Within the Algarve area of Portugal there’s several Gypsy markets with a range of local stalls selling a variety of gifts and products that are popular with both locals and tourists. Many of the sellers are open to negotiation, so it is a great place to find a bargain. They can be found selling everything from pretty hand crafted gifts to local produce and materials.

There is a wide range of markets across the Algarve to choose from, the most popular being in Quarteira on Wednesdays and Loule on Saturdays. However, there’s also smaller and quieter markets in Lagoa, Portimao and Albufeira. Some of these run less frequently (the Lagoa market only takes place on one Sunday every month), but if you are lucky enough to visit more than one, you will find an even more diverse range of products on offer. Most of the markets are easily accessible, with multiple companies running trips to them from outside the area. The Quarteira market is particularly easy to reach, as it is accessible via the local buses.

Horse Riding

Portugal is the perfect location for any riding enthusiast to spend a horse riding holiday at, boasting multiple picture perfect horse riding routes.

Horse riding is a deep-rooted Portuguese tradition, as it is widely thought of as the home of the beautiful Lusitano horse. It has been bred in Portugal for hundreds of years, and used in international equestrian and dressage events. There’s a wide variety of prestigious riding centres across the country, that provide you with the opportunity to ride one of these beautiful horses while taking in the stunning scenery that Portugal has to offer. Multiple riding centres also offer dressage and equestrian sessions and lessons.

There are multiple beautiful horse riding routes across the country, going past luscious green forests and flower topped hills, with many stunning rivers and valleys. There is also a stunning coastline in Portugal that is ideal for horse riding, with pristine unspoiled beaches, and great views of fantastic cliffs and coves. Other routes will take you through traditional Portuguese villages and World Heritage sites.

Madeira Aquarium

Sitting inside the ancient fort of Saint John the Baptist (which can be found next to the harbour in Porto Moniz) is Madeira Aquarium. This small but interesting aquarium displays all the different species that make up the local marine life, with 70 different species spread across 12 tanks. The large ocean life tank contains an estimated 500,000 litres of salt water, and an array of sea creatures, including sharks and rays. There is even a special book to read so you can find out more about the species on display. The well presented, colourful aquarium is especially popular with children, who love getting up close to watch the various fish and marine life on display.

It is also possible to go scuba diving into the aquarium tanks to feed the fish and to swim with the sharks and rays. You don’t have to have any diving experience, as the professional staff will guide you through how to use the equipment and all of the necessary safety procedures.


Any lover of marine life will love the experience of a “seafari” to see the abundance of beautiful animals that occupy the Portuguese waters.

The Portuguese waters are home to some beautiful sights and beautiful animals, including dolphins, and the seafaris give you the opportunity to get up close to these amazing animals as part of an exciting boat trip. There’s also trips which take you to see the fantastic rock formations in the Algarve region. This area is home to some stunning coves, cliffs, tunnels and caves. The Benagil cave provides a particularly special setting, as it hides a beautiful sandy beach with glorious turquoise waters beneath a stunning rocky arch.

There is a range of seafaris available which vary in duration, so if you are tight for time, you should still be able to squeeze this into your holiday and see the terrific sights on offer before coming home. There’s also multiple trips which will serve food and have a barbeque before taking you back.

Vilamoura Golf Park

Vilamoura Golf Park is a family golf park in Vilamoura in Portugal with an 18-hole ancient Rome themed minigolf course that is great fun for the whole family. The course is filled with a range of tricky obstacles and decorations making for a challenging but enjoyable experience. The course is also decorated with a floral garden, providing a tidy and pleasant setting for playing mingolf. It is also possible to organise tournaments at the course, where the winners will be presented with trophies.

The facilities at the park are terrific also. There is a lovely bar where there is a family run café with a varied menu which includes homemade burgers. There is also a playroom which has a range of arcade games such as a driving simulator and a basketball simulator as well as a table football, a pool table and a shooter game. There is also a fun children’s play area so the kids can burn off all their energy while you sit back and relax.