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Lagos Zoo, Algarve

Lagos Zoo is located in the town of Barao de Sao Joao, eight-kilometres to the east of Lagos. It is a relatively small zoo, with approximately 120 different species, including dwarf crocodiles, tortoises, snakes and pygmy hippos. There is also a small island where primates such as gibbons, lemurs and many monkeys roam free.

With over 200 species of exotic plants and vegetation from around the world laid out around lakes and lawns, Lagos Zoo really is a beautiful, relaxing place to visit. View a diverse range of birds, too, from toucans, pelicans and flamingos to parrots.

The zoo also has a children’s petting farm, where you can feed tame animals such as goats and pigs for a small fee. Lagos Zoo also homes a playground, a snack bar and a souvenir shop, and plenty of seats around the zoo if you want to just sit and relax while watching the animals. You can also view the incubation room where baby birds are hatched and the “create room”, in which baby animals are reared by hand. All in all, this zoo provides a fascinating day out for the whole family.