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Cape St. Vincent, Algarve

Cape St. Vincent is a coastal landform in the village of Vila do Bispo, and is the most south-westerly point of Portugal and of mainland Europe. The rough, rugged cliffs rise 60 metres above the sea amongst a wild, remote and exposed landscape. Once thought to be the end of the world, it was believed that any sailor who ventured too far from the coast would face sea monsters that could consume a whole ship in one bite.

Cape St. Vincent Lighthouse, constructed on the old ruins of a Franciscan monastery that revered St. Vincent, whose bones were supposedly found in the cliffs and to whom the headland is named, can be seen from the headland. Unfortunately, the lighthouse isn’t open to visitors but the view alone makes a visit to this area worthwhile and the sunsets are absolutely amazing. The village itself is very picturesque and there are a number of small shops, cafes and restaurants for you to explore, as well as a small attractive park, located in the main village square.