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Sagres Fortress, Algarve

The Sagres Fortress is situated at the southern tip of the Sagres headland and is unusual in the fact that it is consists of a single large wall dividing the mainland from the headland, with the other three sides protected by very tall cliffs.

Much of the original fort was destroyed in the 1755 earthquake and the resulting tidal wave that rose higher than the giant cliffs. There is very little of the fort remaining today, except for the walls and the striking entrance arch but it is still a popular place of interest for tourists.

Visitors can learn about the fort’s history from the various signs dotted around the area. There is also the small chapel of Nossa Senhora da Graças and a giant wind compass that was used to aid early navigation. The fort is open every day and is definitely worth a visit, even if it’s only for the amazing views and the chance to try out your yodelling in the ‘chamber of sound’.