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Beaches, Portugal

Soak up the sun and sink your toes into the fine, golden sands at one of many blissful beaches in Portugal. Beautiful Algarve beaches offer scenic views as well as sunny skies for avid sunbathers. The secluded coves and cliff backdrops here will take your breath away, as will the beaches in Madeira, which individually offer Portuguese charm from the mossy cliff-back beaches and rocky coves.

Armaco de Pera Beach

Armaco de Pera beach can be located in Silves and is one of Portugal’s most popular beaches. The golden sands of this beach make the perfect place to bring the family for a day of sun and sea. The water is clean and clear, making it safe for swimmers, as well as children who want to have a splash about in the ocean.

The beach is accessible for the disabled and has many benches lined along the promenade behind it, sheltered by large palm trees. This long stretch of sand means there is plenty of space to spread out and relax; it is also ideal for taking a long, relaxing walk along the coastline.

Water sports prove popular here, with jet skiers, surfers and kayakers all flocking to the beach in the summer season. Armaco de Pera beach is also handy for local amenities, including hotels and a wide variety of bars and restaurants.

Cabanas de Tavira

Lined with sunbeds and umbrellas that are available for hire, Cabanas de Tavira beach is an ideal place to come and relax during your Portugal holiday. A first aid can be located on site, making the perfect beach to bring the kids. The water is warm and has qutie strong waves, so if you are looking for a Portugal beach to enjoy some surfing, you’ve come to the right place.

This stretch of sand runs a considerable distance, so if you are looking to take a long, relaxing stroll, Cabanas de Tavira beach is a great spot.

There is a delightful promenade which runs along the beach, making for a wonderful walk at any time of day. Behind this are countless hotels, restaurants, shops and bars, making Cabanas de Tavira beach a very well facilitated post to bring the whole family. Shell collecting is a popular past time on the beach, with a great range of shells to be found.

Calheta Beach

The world famous Savoy hotel takes its name from Calheta Beach in Portugal, with the Savoy Calheta Beach being located right behind the golden sands.

The beach is split into two halves, separated by a large pool of sea water. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be found on both sides, which are available for hire. The beach is incredibly clean, as is the crystal clear ocean, making it ideal for swimmers of all ages to take a dip in the warm sea water.

Calheta Beach can be found in Madeira and is right beside the local marina, which is another sight well worth visiting. It is close to a great range of bars, restaurants and other eateries, allowing you to grab a bite to eat after a day of fun in the sun. There are also plenty of hotels nearby, which provide great service and fabulous ocean views.

Camilo Beach

The sheltered, sandy cove that is Camilo Beach is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places to visit in all of Portugal.

Situated on the coast of Lagos, Camilo Beach is accessed by 200 wooden steps, which lead you down to an absolutely stunning cove. The aqua waters are warm and clean and are perfect for swimmers of all ages to take a dip in the ocean. The various rock formations that can be found around the beach and out into the sea make for gorgeous sights to behold, as do the many sail boats that pass slowly by along the horizon. Swimmers can also explore the various caves by the beach.

The white sand of Camilo Beach is perfect to lay back and relax on, with umbrellas available for hire. This secluded beach is a must-see for anyone on holiday in Portugal.

Canical Beach

The well facilitated beach of Canical Beach is situated in Canical. There is a car park on the hill above the beach, as well as a kiosk to buy ice creams, snacks and soft drinks; it’s the perfect beach for families to bring little ones to, ensuring they are kept hydrated and treated.

Sun loungers are available to be hired and there is also a cafe to enjoy a refreshing lunch. The beach is surrounded by cliffs, so there is minimal wind, making for a very quiet and peaceful setting. The cliffs can be climbed by holidaymakers and offer glorious views of the horizon, which seems to stretch endlessly.

The water is buoyed off after a stretch, to ensure that swimmers don’t venture too far out to sea, and the shoreline is rather shallow so younger swimmers don’t have to miss out on taking a dip.

Canical Pool

Canical Pool is a public pool complex which was built specially for families that live in the quaint and picturesque village of Canical.

The complex is actually split into two separate pools; one pool overlooks the sea, which is designated for adults and makes for a beautiful view as you swim. There is also a second, shallower pool for younger children to enjoy. The pools are lined with sun beds so swimmers can enjoy a rest, or members of the party who don’t fancy getting their feet wet can soak up the sun.

Aside from the two pools, visitors also have the option of ordering from the snack bar to keep their energy levels up. There is also a roof terrace located within Canical Pool’s premises, where you can enjoy a drink and watch the swimmers below.

Naturally, facilities such as toilets, showers and changing rooms can also be located on site.

Costa Beach

Costa Beach is lined by candy-striped houses and has some of the softest, cleanest sand to be found anywhere in Portugal – this beach is almost too pretty to be real.

Accessed by a wooden walkway and a small set of steps, visitors of all ages are always taken aback by how peaceful and quiet this beach is. The boardwalk is a serene and picturesque place to take a relaxing stroll as you listen to the sound of the waves hitting the shore.

Swimming is a popular past time on this beach, as are a wide range of water sports, with windsurfing lessons available to be booked. Alternatively, you can bring a surfboard and hit the waves. If you’d rather stay on dry land, just set down a towel, sit back and watch the boats sail by on the horizon.

There are also several waterfront cafes and restaurants, which serve up delicious food and give diners an unparalleled view of the sea. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available to be hired.

Fishermans Beach

The Fisherman’s Beach, or Praia dos Pescadores as it is officially known, can be found Portugal’s Algrave region. This stretch of sand, which is 225 metres long, earned the nickname of Fisherman’s Beach because it was once the beach where all of the region’s local fishermen operated from. Since then, a marina and harbour has been constructed, but the beach still retains its original charm and is still remembered for its historical significance.

The beach can be easily accessed and has two car parks located nearby for visitors. To the west end of the beach, there is also a wide selection of restaurants and bars, many of which honour Fisherman’s Beach by serving up the freshest locally sourced fish and seafood.

Toilets and showers can be located on site, making it an ideal beach to bring the family. Sports are also popular, both in the water and on the sands.


Lido beach can be found in Funchal and is an ideal place for swimmers. Just a short walk away from many of the local hotels in the area, the waters off the beach prove popular with water sport enthusiasts, including surfers and jet skiers. The bay is also home to an inflatable water park to keep the youngsters amused.

The pebble beach is a peaceful haven; although it is smaller than many of Portugal’s other beaches, it is still a favourite with visitors. Life jackets can be hired and holidaymakers can swim for over 50 metres out to sea – there are buoys to ensure nobody swims out too far. These features make Lido beach a favourite location for grown ups and children, alike.

If you are looking for somewhere to take a dip in the ocean, this beach is the place to go.

Praia da Luz beach

Praia da Luz beach can be located in Luz, a parish within Santa Cruz. This beach is surrounded by the nearby hills and cliffs along the coast, making it a very peaceful setting. A pleasant walk along the palm tree-lined promenade makes for a picturesque view as you make your way down to the beach. While the majority of Praia da Luz beach consists of golden sands, there are some rockier areas, which are ideal for those in search of some peace and quiet.

The ocean is relatively calm, so swimmers both young and old can enjoy a dip in the warm waters. Sun beds and beach umbrellas are available for hire and a range of eateries and bars can be located behind the beach. These amenities make it very easy to while away a pleasant few hours at Praia da Luz beach.

The nearby cliffs can also be accessed by the public and provide spectacular views along Portugal’s incredible coastline.