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Lisbon’s quirky bars and eateries make for a fun, cosmopolitan atmosphere, with the choice of charming cafes, vegetarian buffets and authentic seafood restaurants. Watch the sunset and sip on sangria, at Lisbon’s amazing Park Bar – a rooftop car park transformed into a chic spot to drink in style and soak up the scenery. The eclectic mix of modern tavernas and authentic markets in Madeira’s capital city, Funchal, adds a sprinkle of originality to this fantastic destination, too.

Arte Nautica Beach Restaurant

Arte Nautica Beach Restaurant offers one of the finest views of any eatery in Portugal. Situated in Armaco de Pera, right on the beach, diners can enjoy an exquisite meal and a gorgeous sea view at the same time.

After enjoying a stroll on the golden stretch of sand by the Arte Nautica Beach Restaurant, be sure to call in for some fresh Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is famous for its fresh fish dishes, which are artfully prepared and served like a work of art. There are also plenty of mouth-watering vegetarian options, and the establishment’s waiters are very attentive and provide excellent service.

Aside from experiencing a romantic view and a hearty evening meal, you can also dine at the Arte Nautica Beach Restaurant for lunch; the eatery serves up a selection of light bites, soups and risottos that go down well at any time of day or night.


Barroca is a bar and restaurant that can be found in Luz. This eatery has a fantastic atmosphere that is great to bring the whole family to for food. The restaurant serves both traditional British food, such as fish and chips, and traditional Mediterranean cuisine, promising to satisfy the palette of all diners.

If you or any member of your family is celebrating a birthday during your Portugal holiday, Barroca is a great place to book a birthday party; they really go all out to make it an event to remember.

The bar is filled with a large selection of drinks, so if you are in search of somewhere in Luz to go for evening drinks, Barroca is a firm favourite with tourists and locals, alike. There is also live music in the evenings, which creates a lively and jovial atmosphere for people in the bar.

Beachfront bars

Beachfront bars can be found all over Portugal’s coastline. These bars don’t just promise a fantastic atmosphere and great food and drink, they also have gorgeous views of the ocean and are handy for some of Portugal’s most beautiful beaches.

Head to Porto to enjoy one of Portugal’s most popular beachfront bars, Praia da Luz. With a patio that runs right down to a private beach, this chic bar is extremely stylish and has a bell on each table, which you ring when you want more drinks. It offers delightful views of the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you are staying near to Cascais, you should do your best to experience the tranquil ambience of Bar Do Gunicho. Located on the soft stretch of sand of Praia Grande do Guincho, this beachfront bar serves artfully prepared cuisine, ranging from octopus to burgers. There are also evening parties and a delightful patio so you can dine al fresco.

Blandy’s Wine Lodge

Blandy’s Wine Lodge is an historic site located in Funchal, which gives Portugal holidaymakers the chance to find out all about the wine making process, as well as sample some for themselves.

Tours of the lodge will let you view the large barrels where the wine is stored and matured. The oak beamed building that is home to Blandy’s is just as much a reason to visit as the wine itself; this building dates back centuries and has retained all its original character and charm.

Blandy’s Wine Lodge offers wine tastings to visitors, in which you can try any of the wines and blends available to be purchased there. Tastings can also be complemented by various cheeses, cakes and fruits. There is even opportunity to taste vintages that are over 40 years old.

Of course, there is also the chance to purchase the wine produced at Blandy’s Wine Lodge, giving you a delicious keepsake of your visit to one of Funchal’s most iconic locations.

Canico Restaurant

For a truly magical dining experience during your holiday in Portugal, you should book a table at Canico Restaurant. Serving the very finest Southwest Mediterranean cuisine, this eatery is located in a cove right on the beach.

Located in Alvor, Canico Restaurant has a unique atmosphere that makes you never want to leave. Thanks to its beach location, it has spectacular sea views which only enhance your dining experience. During the evening, imagery is projected onto the cliffs surrounding the restaurant, making for a night like no other.

The patio lets diners eat al fresco over the beach. Thanks to its handy location, you can enjoy a stroll along the sands after your meal. The food is also exquisite; the menu is varied and each dish is freshly prepared to order, with a menu that includes a wide range of fresh seafood delicacies.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a unique dining opportunity.

Cheap places to eat

You can find cheap places to eat all over Portugal, which serve absolutely delicious cuisine for a very reasonable price. Whatever type of food you are looking to enjoy, Portugal’s cheaper eateries range from seafood restaurants to fast food diners.

For a quirky atmosphere and fresh food, all for a small bill, head to Lisbon to dine at Estamine Art Food Drink. This eatery is a cosy place to enjoy lunch or dinner. The hosts are incredibly welcoming and work to ensure your visit is one to remember. Aside from the freshest meat, cheeses and delicacies, there are also mouth-watering desserts to try.

Cultura do Hamburger is the place to go if you are in the mood for hearty hamburgers. This eatery serves a huge selection of burgers, prepared with the best meats and freshest ingredients. If you’ve always wanted to try a burger on a pink bun, now is your chance.

La Cigale Restaurant

Providing patrons with stunning oceanic views and cuisine that is to die for, La Cigale Restaurant is situated in Olhos de Agua, and is one of Portugal’s very finest eateries.

The menu comprises of a wide variety of dishes; fresh seafood, steak and salads are just a few of the meals you can enjoy at La Cigale Restaurant. There is also a delectable dessert menu, which is simply irresistible.

Situated on the beach, this restaurant has a patio that allows you to dine al fresco both during the day and evening. Enjoy lunch here and soak up some of Portugal’s magnificent sun. Alternatively, book a table for the evening and enjoy a romantic meal as you watch the sun set over the ocean in the distance.

After you have finished dining, you can take a leisurely stroll along the golden stretch of sand that is handily located just in front of the restaurant.

Local cuisine

Portugal is full of mouth-watering dishes you simply have to try during your visit. This country is home to a wide range of local cuisine that prove immensely popular with visitors from all over the world.

Of course, Portugal is famed for serving fresh seafood and a famous local cuisine that is very easy to find is Bacalhau (codfish). Nicknamed ‘the faithful friend’ by the Portuguese, there are hundreds of recipes to this delicious dish, but a common combination includes chips, olives, parsley and egg.

Another must try example of local cuisine is Cataplana de Marisco. This seafood stew is traditionally served with rice and can be ordered from many of Portugal’s eateries.

For the steak lovers out there, we recommend ordering Posta Mirandesa. Consisting of a thick tenderloin beefsteak, which has been cooked over a fire, its succulent flavour comes from the free range cows the meat is taken from.

Seafood restaurants

Portugal has countless seafood restaurants all over the country, serving nothing but the freshest fish and an enormous selection of seafood delicacies, all cooked to perfection.

Located in Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon, Pesqueiro 25 is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in the country. If you are in the mood for lobster, this is the place to go. However, there is an enormous range of seafood on the menu, along with other dishes such as steak and burgers.

Mar Ao Carmo is also home to incredible seafood, which is masterfully prepared to order and served like a work of art. There is a large variety of grilled fish, as well as more exotic dishes, too. For mouth-watering seafood, you can’t go wrong here.

Equally delicious is the fish served at Marisqueira M. This seafood restaurant boasts a very stylish décor and hosts a menu that is filled with exquisite dishes.

Sete Cafe

The Sete Café can be found in Vilamoura. This eatery makes for a very picturesque dining experience, thanks to it being situated right next door to the local marina. Visitors can enjoy a drink or something to eat as they take in the quaint charm of the local buildings and watch the yachts bobbing up and down on the water.

Complemented by the sea view, the Sete Café serves a range of seafood, which is very appetising and reasonably priced. The staff are known for being friendly and attentive to the diners, so your needs are sure to be satisfied.

However, the Sete Café is also a great place to make a pit stop and enjoy a cold beer or coffee as you explore Vilamoura. The drinks menu is varied and serves a range of alcoholic and soft drinks, ranging from lager to exotic spirits and cocktails.