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You’ll never run out of activities to do when you visit Spain. Don’t miss the chance to experience everything from snorkelling to skiing on a Spain holiday. Boat trips, island hopping, mountain hikes and visiting the many ancient attractions are just a few of the experiences you can enjoy during your stay in Spain. Whether you want to stroll along some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world or go skiing on the snow-covered mountains, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Caminito Del Rey Hike in Spain

Caminito del Rey is a famous Spanish walkway, neighbouring the walls of the El Chorro gorge, situated near Ardales in the beautiful province of Malaga. Originally built in 1901, Caminito del Rey stands as a historical and cultural monument, as well as a walkway. Reaching the end of this famous walkway is a truly unforgettable experience, with native animals surrounding the rocky cliffs, soaring above the skies and climbing the nearby walls.

A hike here is better suited to avid hikers and lovers of the outdoors than beginners, as the rocky trail is notably challenging. This activity isn’t for the faint-hearted; after all, it is located 100 metres above the El Chorro gorge – which makes this an enthralling activity to partake in on your Spanish holiday.

Caminito del Rey is easily accessible for holidaymakers, who can travel here from Malaga, Antequera and Ronda. You can even catch a train over to this walkway, simply hop off at El Chorro Caminito del Rey.

Camino de Santiago trail

Camino de Santiago is a network of routes, which hold a lot of historical importance in Spain and across other countries, too. During the middle ages, this was traditionally a religious pilgrimage but is now enjoyed as a walking adventure holiday. Either walk this trail, bike or even travel by horseback.

You can trek over to Camino de Santiago yourself, or book onto a tailor-made guided tour, to quite literally walk you through the history and culture of this pilgrimage walking adventure. Referred to as the ‘Way of St James’, this walking trail is immersive but also intense, so ensure you’ve brought all the appropriate hiking and walking equipment with you before you head over to Camino de Santiago.

Take along a route guidebook to navigate your walk, to help you decide which sights you want to see along the way. Online Camino itineraries are also available online for you to seek out, so you can plan exactly which trail you’re going to embark on.

Hike the Picos de Europa

Fill your walking boots and begin your hiking adventure to the Picos de Europa, located in sunny Spain. The beautiful Picos de Europa National Park can also be found here, where locals and travellers alike visit to experience wonderful wildlife and natural beauty during their travels.

This fascinating activity enables travellers to experience a spectacular mountain range, which actually forms a portion of the Cantabrian Mountains in northern Spain. Hiking in Pico de Europa is truly magical; you not only get to see the beautiful surroundings but enjoy an active day out on your Spain holiday.

There are many different and diverse hiking trails to embark on – enjoy seven miles by the beautiful riverside on the Cares Route, amongst the rising cliffs and bright green shrubbery, or hike by Covadonga Lakes, which many coin as one of the most stunning hikes here.

Island hopping in Spain

Island hopping in Spain is something that should certainly feature on your bucket list; the Balearic chain is so idyllic, offering a vast range of beautiful and bustling islands, with stunning viewpoints and busy activities to get stuck into.

Begin your journey in Majorca, Ibiza or Palma, since these are the most popular islands within the Balearics. It’s important you explore these vivid islands before setting sail to others; there’s nothing worse than rushing your time on the busiest islands, when there is so much to do.

Hop between the Balearic Islands in May, June and September to get the most out of your Spain travels, all of which offer sunny skies without the increased humidity and busy tourist crowds. A great way to discover each island is by renting a car once you reach Majorca. This way, you can discover the scenic coast and all the hidden treasures along the way, that you just won’t necessarily experience on a boat trip.

Limite Zero Zip Line from Spain to Portugal

Book onto Limite Zero Zip Line for a completely unique and adventurous experience on your holiday to Spain. Glide past Spain’s sunny skies and the magical scenery of the nearby towns on this zip lining adventure.

The zip line crosses over the beautiful River Guadiana, from Spain to Portugal and is actually the first ever cross-border zip line in the entire world, making it a once in a lifetime experience.

One important detail to remember about this activity, visitors need to be over the age of 14 to partake. So, if you’re heading here as a family, ensure you all fit the guidelines; no one wants to be left behind during this enthralling experience. Participants are given full and secure safety gear to wear and use as they embark on their zip lining experience.

Once you reach the finish line, walk as little as five minutes over to the Alcoutim jetty – a ferry which transports zip-liners back to Spain, across the river.

Park Güell

Park Güell is a beautiful, well-sought after public park designed by famous architect, Antoni Gaudí, declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.

Due to the location of Park Güell – in the north of the city of Barcelona, on Carmel Hill, it’s important you plan out your trip over there beforehand. There are various ways to reach the top of Park Güell, either get your walking boots on and commit to hiking all the way up, use the outdoor escalators, or hop on a metro from the beautiful nearby neighbourhood, Gràcia and walk the rest of the way.

Although you can pay for entry to visit the entire proximity of the park online and from one entrance of the park, which is classed as the ‘Monumental Core’ area, you can view the park completely free of charge from another, which is great if you’re looking to explore Spain’s activities on a budget.


Hop on a train from Granada and arrive in three hours’ time in magical Ronda, the outstanding cliffside city in Spain. Ronda is actually coined one of the oldest and most picturesque cities located in sunny Spain. Stroll down narrow alleyways, featuring bright white-washed buildings with beautifully decorated balconies and surrounded by cobblestone roads and paths.

Revel in the peaceful, relaxing surroundings, away from the busy tourist crowds in central Spain. This mountaintop city can actually be explored on a day trip from Costa del Sol, where you can visit some of the great monuments in Ronda. Ronda is a beautifully-historic city, making it the perfect day trip for historians and culture buffs.

Tall trees stand high, peppered along the winding paths. The main square, Plaza de España is a hotspot for tourists, especially Ernest Hemingway fans, since his best-selling novel, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” is set there.

Sioux City Park

Sioux City Park Gran Canaria is truly unique, being a replica of an American Wild West town, offering visitors welcome BBQs, exciting Western entertainment, including Western dancing and cowboy shows, as well as an on-site zoo. Experience Western dining, too; enjoy a bite to eat at Sioux City Saloon and completely embrace the imitated Wild West surroundings.

This adventurous park is perfect for the whole family, as a couple of with a group of friends; it gets you and other holidaymakers involved, so much so that you feel like you’re really in a Wild West town.

Head over to Sioux City Park before 10:50 to see all the shows it has to offer, including the horse whisperer, featuring Rubi the horse and an aptly named donkey, Margarita. Watch live duals between cowboys and the passing of the cattle, as well as acted bank robberies, knife and axe throwing and even a performance of Miss Dolly and the bandits.

Skiing in Spain

Despite holidaymaker’s usual perception of Spain as a sunny holiday resort, this fantastic country actually offers skiing activities in the colder regions. Surprisingly, Spain offers 1,148 kilometres of white-blanketed-slopes to skim over, accompanied by 316 ski lifts.

Spain offers is home to plenty of spectacular skiing resorts, as well as the opportunity to day trip to a ski resort by train and plane. 32 miles outside of Madrid lies Navacerrada – a ski resort located close to Spain’s beautiful capital city, featuring both a slalom stadium and a ski jump for visitors to enjoy.

Typically, travellers head to the Sierra Nevada ski station, found on the northern slopes of Veleta, located just outside of beautiful Granada. Or, Baqueira-Beret, less than four hours from the popular Spanish city, Barcelona, and Zaragoza; this ski resort offers visitors a skiing adventure, as well as fascinating Romanesque churches and picturesque landscapes.

The City of Arts and Sciences

In Valencia, Spain, lies the famous City of Arts and Sciences – a detailed science, culture and leisure complex. What’s great about this Spanish activity is its diverse sections, which each tell a different story.

Ticket admission is required to enter most of the rooms at the City of Art and Sciences, including the Science Museum, the Hemisfèric and the Oceanogràfic – which is actually Europe’s largest aquarium.

Beforehand, ensure you plan your trip to the City of Arts and Sciences. Visitors are spoilt for choice; with so much choice on where to go, what to see and what to do, it can be easy to miss out on some of the most spectacular activities here, if you don’t have a vague idea of what to see before you arrive.

Catch the bus over to the City of Arts and Sciences; plenty of different services are available throughout the day, to take you there and return you back to your hotel, in good time.