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Camino de Santiago trail, Spain

Camino de Santiago is a network of routes, which hold a lot of historical importance in Spain and across other countries, too. During the middle ages, this was traditionally a religious pilgrimage but is now enjoyed as a walking adventure holiday. Either walk this trail, bike or even travel by horseback.

You can trek over to Camino de Santiago yourself, or book onto a tailor-made guided tour, to quite literally walk you through the history and culture of this pilgrimage walking adventure. Referred to as the ‘Way of St James’, this walking trail is immersive but also intense, so ensure you’ve brought all the appropriate hiking and walking equipment with you before you head over to Camino de Santiago.

Take along a route guidebook to navigate your walk, to help you decide which sights you want to see along the way. Online Camino itineraries are also available online for you to seek out, so you can plan exactly which trail you’re going to embark on.