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Food and Drink, Ibiza

Ibiza is home to an array of beachside bars and eateries; offering tasty tapas while you inhale the fresh sea air. In Ibiza’s quaint and quirky Old Town, Dalt Vila, lies the popular eatery – La Olivia, serving up exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, along with charming street performers entertaining you, while you eat. The club scene is second to none in Ibiza, attracting tourists’ year after year, due to the laid back atmosphere in the cocktail bars and crazy nightclub adventures.


For one of the most magical and unique dining experiences of your life, be sure to book a visit to Ibiza’s incredible Bambuddha. Booking in advance is advised as this restaurant is famed for being one of the most loved on the island.

In the heat of an Ibiza summer, Bambuddha gives diners the opportunity to dine under a blanket of stars and bask in the moonlight. A MediterrAsian food village, Bambuddha is home to incredible fusion cuisine, with recipies that are inspired by the ancient Spice Route from Spain, through Thailand, Vietnam to Japan.

The décor is absolutely breathtaking and diners are treated to dinner under gorgeous bamboo canopies, surrounded by plants and stone statues, making for a very tropical evening out. Waiters are very attentive to your needs and the food is prepared and served with great love and care. Choose from a wide ranging menu; it is recommended that each diner choose three dishes each, or you can let your waiter design a menu for you.

Brit bars on the beach

If you have a yearning for some traditional British cuisine during your Ibiza holiday, never fear; the island is home to many Brit bars on the beach.

The English Beach Café, located in Santa Eulalia del Rio, certainly lives up to its name in every aspect. Located right by the beach, this café serves all the traditional favourites you can expect to get at home. Enjoy a fantastic array of English dishes here; breakfasts, traditional Sunday roast dinners and pie and mash are just a few options. There’s plenty of lager on the menu, too.

For something a little more upmarket, make a reservation at Relish Resturant in Sant Antoni de Portmany. The menu is very traditionally English and this eatery offers beautiful views of the ocean as you dine.

The Bull’s Head also gives patrons a gorgeous ocean view. Dining on the terrace makes for a great dining experience, as does ordering the fish and chips.

Café Mambo

If you are in the mood for a party while in Ibiza, you should make sure that you head down to the Cafe Mambo at least one night during your visit. Located along the island’s famous sunset strip in San Antonio, Cafe Mambo has been the go-to plae for dance music in Ibiza since it was first opened in 1994. A wide range of well known international DJs have played gigs here and the bar has been awarded multiple times for being the best bar in Ibiza.

Aside from the party vibes and fantastic live DJ sets, Cafe Mambo is also the place to go if you want some fantastic food at any time of day. Call in to the bar in the morning for a fabulous breakfast in their breakfast club, serving everything from fresh fruit to a full English breakfast. Lunchtime is a popular time of day to pay a visit to Cafe Mambo and enjoy a range of salads, sides, burgers and wraps.

For a hearty meal, book a table for dinner to tuck into steak, salads, pork, tacos and much more.

Cheap places to eat

Ibiza is home to hundreds of cheap places to eat, which can be located all over the island. These cheap eats offer fantastic food, a great atmosphere and delightfully low prices.

Head to the Bar Dona Ana in Santa Eulalia del Rio to enjoy a range of eats, from a traditional English breakfast to freshly prepared sandwiches. It is also home to an extensive drinks menu, from iced coffees to red wine.

For exquisite Mediterranean cuisine at rock bottom prices, pay a visit to Los pasajeros in Ibiza Town. This restaurant serves up delicious and fresh seafood, salads, steaks and much more. There’s also a vibrant atmosphere thanks to its location near the markets.

Can Nuts is one of the quirkiest bars in Ibiza, with a unique décor. As well as having a menu full of excellent dishes for all tastes, from fresh fish, to meat, to vegetarian options, the staff are also incredibly friendly and host live music.

Local cuisine

What holiday to Ibiza would be complete without sampling some of the delectable local cuisine? This island is home to a range of restaurants, bars and cafes, all of which serve up some of the finest Spanish delicacies to be tried anywhere.

Like all the Balearic Islands, Ibiza’s speciality when it comes to local cuisine is the freshest of fresh seafood, which countless restaurants serve every day. Sample a dish of Arros de Matances, a delicious traditional rice dish that includes squid and pork, mixed with tomatoes, peppers, garlic and other seasoning. This makes for an excellent main course.

For the sweet-toothed among your party, they should try an Ensaimada, one of the most famous pastries from the islands. The recipe dates back to the 17th century and come in various recipies, from plain, to chocolate, to cream. They are also popular souvenirs to take home.

Port Balansat

Situated right beside the sea, Port Balansat is an idyllic spot to enjoy a delicious lunch or hearty evening meal, providing a romantic setting to tuck into some spectacular cuisine.

If you have special dietary requirements, Port Balansat is happy to cater to your needs. There is also plenty for vegetarians to choose from on the menu. That being said, this eatery is renowned for being, possibly, the best fish restaurant to be found anywhere on the island of Ibiza. Port Balansat serves up an enormous range of the freshest seafood dishes.

The restaurant also has a reputation for its friendliness. The owner, Miguel, who has had the eatery since the 1970s, is only too happy to chat to the patrons, filling them in on the history and famous faces who have graced the eatery over the past 40 years.

There is also an extensive wine list and delicious dessert menu.

Restaurante La Fontana

Located in Santa Eulalia, Restaurante La Fontana is regarded by many visitors from all over the world as the best restaurant in Ibiza. The restaurant offers diners the opportunity to dine on the terrace and take in a beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean as they eat.

Restaurante La Fontana is home to excellent service and exquisite food, serving a range of delectable dishes, all of which are lovingly prepared like works of art. Whether you are in the mood for a refreshing salad or a hearty steak, Restaurante La Fontana can meet your requirements.

Like many restaurants on the island, there is a wide variety of incredible seafood dishes, prepared with the freshest ingredients. Aside from the marvellous main courses, it also houses an irresistible dessert menu, tempting your taste buds like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Don’t miss your chance to dine at one of Ibiza’s most stylish eateries.


Fine dining and amazing ocean views are Savannah’s speciality. Located on Ibiza’s iconic Sunset Strip, this bar and restaurant lets you eat right beside the ocean on its incredibly stylish terrace. Sunset dining makes for a very romantic evening as you enjoy an exquisite meal while watching the sun go down over the ocean.

The cushioned seating which is scattered throughout the eatery makes for a relaxed way to enjoy a drink on the terrace. This is one of the most inviting bars to be found anywhere on the strip. The menu ranges from healthy breakfast options to hearty evening meals. You can also enjoy a delicious brunch plate if you aren’t really a breakfast person.

If you are in a party mood, you can visit the back room, which houses a second bar and a top of the range sound system for a classic and vibrant Ibiza party.

Seafood restaurants

If you are looking for a destination with some delectable seafood restaurants, look no further than Ibiza. This island is home to some of the finest seafood restaurants to be found anywhere in the Balearic islands, serving up only the freshest delicacies.

For some of the finest fish in Ibiza, be sure to book a table at S’Espartar in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. The paella is to die for in this family run restaurant, which is located along a secluded road in the island’s beautiful hills. This eatery also prides itself on having a fantastic atmosphere.

Alternatively, you could visit Peter Pan Ibiza in Ibiza Town. Presentation is every bit as important as flavour at this restaurant, with each dish crafted as though it were about to be photographed. This seafood restaurant boasts a varied menu and serves only the freshest ingredients. There’s also an irresistible dessert menu to pick from.