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Bambuddha, Ibiza

For one of the most magical and unique dining experiences of your life, be sure to book a visit to Ibiza’s incredible Bambuddha. Booking in advance is advised as this restaurant is famed for being one of the most loved on the island.

In the heat of an Ibiza summer, Bambuddha gives diners the opportunity to dine under a blanket of stars and bask in the moonlight. A MediterrAsian food village, Bambuddha is home to incredible fusion cuisine, with recipies that are inspired by the ancient Spice Route from Spain, through Thailand, Vietnam to Japan.

The décor is absolutely breathtaking and diners are treated to dinner under gorgeous bamboo canopies, surrounded by plants and stone statues, making for a very tropical evening out. Waiters are very attentive to your needs and the food is prepared and served with great love and care. Choose from a wide ranging menu; it is recommended that each diner choose three dishes each, or you can let your waiter design a menu for you.