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Aquarium Cap Blanc, Ibiza

Located in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Aquarium Cap Blanc is a fantastic, fun and educational place to take the kids during your Ibiza holiday. Here, you can view a varied range of exotic ocean life, from octopi, various rays, fish and other marine creatures, all in their natural underwater habitat.

Walk over the waters and look down to see a wide range of sea life. There’s an enormous number of colourful fish to be spied and children can spend hours watching the fish swimming in and out of the cavern.

Aquarium Cap Blanc runs underground, so visitors are treated to a truly unique experience like no other on the island. This underground cavern also has a small bar, with a terrace, so you can enjoy a refreshing drink overlooking the sea after viewing the sea life. It can be reached very easily from San Antonio, either by bus or taking a stroll along the coastline.