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Boat trips, Majorca

As you would expect from such a stunning island, Majorca offers an enormous range of boat trips, ranging from no-frills excursions to private luxury tours. Take in the beauty of Majorca in style by booking yourself on a trip sailing around the bays, or explore the crystal blue waters surrounding the island by booking a scuba diving or snorkelling trip out to sea.

Public and private boat tours are available in Majorca, so you can book onto whichever you prefer to cruise along while viewing what every traveller wants to see – the surrounding scenery. Boats are also available to be hired for fishing trips, where you can spend a whole day out on the ocean relaxing and catching some prize fish.

Majorca’s boat crews are friendly and offer competitive prices for both long and shorter boat trips, so whether you’re looking to make a day of it or just wanting to take a trip around the island, you’re sure to find something to suit you.