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Beaches, Majorca

Majorca is home to one of the largest beaches in the whole of the Balearic Islands – the beautiful Bay of Alcudia. Dip your toes in the crystal clear waters here, or choose from one of the many other paradise beaches on this island and admire the exotic surroundings from the sandy coastline.

Bay of Alcudia

The Bay of Alcudia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Majorca. Stretching across a backdrop of some of Spain’s most luxurious hotels and restaurants, the Bay of Alcudia is the largest beach of all the Balearic Islands.

A popular place for families to visit and play, the Bay of Alcudia is known to get very busy, especially during the summer months. Nonetheless, this white sand beach stretches for 7 kilometres, offering more peaceful areas for people who want to relax. Facilities such as toilets, beach bars, showers and car parks are available. Pets are not allowed. There is also a purpose-built resort behind the beach for holidaymakers to enjoy.

Water sports are and boat trips are available to be booked, ranging from banana boats to pedalo renting. The Bay of Alcudia is also a popular destination because of its famous reputation for being one of the cleanest beaches a tourist could visit.

C’an Pastilla

C’an Pastilla boasts all the facilities you would expect from a Majorca beach; toilets, showers and kiosks selling snacks and cold drinks make this a favourite destination for families. Located to the east of the Bay of Palma, C’an Pastilla is the ideal resort for those looking for a calm and relaxing getaway. The beach has a very laid-back vibe, lined with a wide variety of bars, restaurants and tourist shops.

Its location also makes it very easy for you to visit the neighbouring beaches and resorts within the Bay of Palma. C’an Pastilla itself started out as a small fishing village. This area has changed little in the past 50 years, retaining its original charm despite becoming a hotspot for tourists. The golden beach is clean and spacious, allowing for water sports and games, as well as leisurely walks along the coastline. It is also in close proximity to the local shops.

Cala Antena

Cala Antena provides a quiet beach for holidaymakers who are interested in some serious rest and relaxation. While not equipped with the many facilities of the rest of Majorca’s beaches, there is a small bar selling drinks and ice creams. There is also ample seating and sunbeds, with umbrellas to rent to get out of the heat of the sun.

This beach is located within a cove, creating a very intimate and private atmosphere for visitors. The clear blue sea is safe for children to play in, under parental supervision, staying shallow for quite a distance.

Nightlife and hotels are located nearby, but just far enough away so as not to disturb the tranquillity of Cala Antena’s beach. The beach itself has several points of access, including a set of stairs which lead down to it.

If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of busier beaches and unwind a more secluded setting, we strongly recommend you pay a visit to Cala Antena.

Cala Barques

Located about 12 km south of Porto Cristo, Cala Barques (sometimes known as Cala Varques) stretches for approximately 90 metres. This is one of the quietest beaches on the east coast, largely due to its isolated location, making it the perfect spot for couples and lone travellers looking for peace and quiet.

This is a wild beach, making it less suitable for families; it is a good 15-minute walk to get to the beach, unless you choose to visit by boat, and there are no services, meaning you will be required to bring your own seating, towels and food and drink.

However, this lack of amenities actually plays to the beach’s advantage, and to yours. Because it is only reachable by boat or on foot, many visitors find that they have the whole beach to themselves when they arrive, making for the perfect setting of serenity in a beautifully clean setting.

Cala Bona

Tourists are always astounded to learn that the beautiful beach at Cala Bona is actually man made. The beach was created by shipping in tons of sand when Majorca experienced an enormous tourist boom, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy the breath-taking sights of the ocean in comfort and relaxation.

This beach boasts an intimate feel and is a favourite with families. It is well-suited to those looking for a relaxing break rather than water sports and activities; there is a great deal of old-world charm around Cala Bona, with the village itself maintaining the typical streets of historic Majorca.

The coastline stretches across two-kilometres, comprising of small beaches and rocky coves, all of which can be explored in between taking in some of the fabulous bars and restaurants which are spread across the seafront. The small beaches are often very close in proximity to seafood restaurants serving up fresh and delicious seafood dishes.

Cala Carbo

The lack of sand at Cala Carbo isn’t to everyone’s taste, but the incredibly clear and warm water makes it very popular choice for many. There are plenty of flat rocks to spread a towel on, lay back and enjoy the sounds of the sea as you unwind, as well as the chance to gaze at the wonderful man-made boat houses, which have been built into the stone.

This stone cove is located in the Cala Sant Vicenc resort in Pollenca. Cala Carbo is seldom overpopulated by tourists due to its secluded location, making it ideal for anyone who wants to relax. Fishing is permitted and scuba diving is highly recommended in this area thanks to the warm, clean water.

Cala Carbo is the perfect location for the visitor in search of natural and tranquil surroundings on their holiday. Just bring a towel, choose from the ample selection of flat rocks and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Cala Clara

Cala Clara is a sandy cove located in the resort of Cala Sant Vicenc. Scuba diving is recommended for divers to fully appreciate the warm and clear waters of this beautiful cove, making for lasting memories of some of Spain’s sea life. Fishing is also permitted.

Cala Clara is a combination of both sand and stone, giving you the best of both worlds. The beach is only 50 metres in length, giving this secluded bay a wonderfully intimate atmosphere. The water is clear and shallow, so children can play in the water safely and, despite its small size, there are plenty of places for beach goers to lie and relax.

There is a scattering of bars, restaurants and hotels nearby, providing plenty of opportunity for families, couples and single travellers to dine without having to trek to another area. Cala Clara is also in close proximity to the neighbouring beach of Cala Barques, which is larger and has sun loungers for hire.

Cala Comtessa

Discover the quaint but beautiful Cala Comtessa Beach, located in Illetas, Calvia. Cala Comtessa is a popular tourist location, thanks to its crystal clear waters and peaceful surroundings. Pine trees surround the sandy beach and for those looking to bask in the sun, the beach offers sunbeds and sunshades.

Grab a bite to eat at the charming hillside café, which overlooks the serene beachfront and rippling sea waves. With easy access to parking, you can venture to this luxurious beach by car and admire the breathtaking views along the way. If you are driving down, set your alarm early to secure a place in the car park.

If driving isn’t for you, not to worry; this delightful beach can be reached by bus. Simply hop on at Palma, sit down and take in the serene surroundings. The bus stops on a hill 200 meters from the Cala Comtessa, providing a panoramic view of the area. Once you’ve exited the bus, simply take the stairs from the car park and explore the last stretch of the beach.

Cala Deia

A fact many tourists don’t know about Cala Deia is that it is one of the few beaches located on the west coast of Majorca. The quaint shingle beach is made up of rocks and pebbles, making it a charming and picturesque beach to visit during your Majorca stay. The rocky exterior gives this beach character; for holidaymakers looking to sunbathe, take a deck chair to relax.

Cala Deia beach is not only a popular location for tourists, but local artists, too. Look up and see artists painting the serene surroundings of the rocky bay and crystal clear water pools, on nearby terraces.

Two gourmet restaurants feature close by to the beach, offering a mix of seafood and local cuisine for you to indulge in. Set your eyes on the clear turquoise sea while you eat at the popular Ca’s Patro restaurant nearby; a sought after eatery, where ‘The Night Manager’ was filmed.

Cala Gran

Cala Gran is the largest cove in Cala d’Or, making it the perfect location for swimming or sunbathing. Minutes away from local shops and restaurants, this amazing beach is favoured by many for its lively atmosphere and faultless fine, white sands. The beachfront features an eclectic mix of bars and eateries to choose from after a day of sun-soaking.

Suitable for both families and couples, Cala Gran beach is a lavish beach, stretching 40 metres in length. The beach also offers a wonderful view of the local sea life; dip your toe in the shallow waters and see fish playfully circle your feet. Lifeguards keep watch of swimmers nearby and at the back of the beach lies a fun play area for children.

To truly relax in the sun, hire a sunbed for €6.05. Showers are also available to use at your convenience after swimming in the clear, tranquil waters or to cool off from the sun’s rays.