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C'an Pastilla, Majorca

C’an Pastilla boasts all the facilities you would expect from a Majorca beach; toilets, showers and kiosks selling snacks and cold drinks make this a favourite destination for families. Located to the east of the Bay of Palma, C’an Pastilla is the ideal resort for those looking for a calm and relaxing getaway. The beach has a very laid-back vibe, lined with a wide variety of bars, restaurants and tourist shops.

Its location also makes it very easy for you to visit the neighbouring beaches and resorts within the Bay of Palma. C’an Pastilla itself started out as a small fishing village. This area has changed little in the past 50 years, retaining its original charm despite becoming a hotspot for tourists. The golden beach is clean and spacious, allowing for water sports and games, as well as leisurely walks along the coastline. It is also in close proximity to the local shops.