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Banco de Soller, Majorca

Soller town is laced with scenic views and features continuous sights of rising mountains. What’s most impressive about this beautiful location is the famous facade: Banca de Soller, located next to the St Bartholomew church in the historic main square of Soller. This intricate and modernist building was crafted and built by Joan Rubió i Bellver, a student of famous architect, Antoni Gaudi.

The bank is particularly striking and boasts rich culture in this quaint town. For the best view of this interesting facade, rest by edifice’s corner and admire the detailed craftsmanship. Two circular galleries feature at this fantastic sight, with fine detail from corner to corner.

Walk round the intricate side streets to admire the true beauty of the architecture. Grab a coffee and soak up the culture; you will be spoilt for choice, with a cluster of cafes surrounding this blissful piece of architecture.