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Banys Arabs, Majorca

Located in one of the old Islamic areas of Palma de Mallorca, Banys Arabs is an impressive ancient bath house, built in the 10th-12th century. The intricate remains of these ancient baths are a sight you cannot afford to miss. What’s interesting about this sightseeing attraction is the mix of history encompassed with luxury, as Banys Arabs were originally built from recycled capitals including Muslim, Roman and Byzantine.

Pick a relaxing spot in the former orchard of Can Fontirroig manor house after you’ve wandered round what was once the famous bathhouse for the wealthy Arabs of the city. The best way to really soak up the culture and enjoy the tranquil surroundings is to pack a book and a picnic to enjoy in the beautiful and serene formal gardens. Explore the intricate detail of these fascinating baths; recognise the true history of this monument and how each column is different to the other.