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Pollentia Roman Ruins, Majorca

On the outskirts of scenic Alcudia lies the famous Roman excavation, Pollentia – the home to historic ruins and a unique museum. Add some history to your trip by visiting this unique exhibition of ancient digs. These preserved ruins are a fascinating sight to see, adding a touch of culture and history to your sunny Majorca holiday.

Situated in the north of Majorca, Pollentia was formerly a lively Ancient town and theatre, located between the coves of Pollenca and Alcudia. During the Roman period, Pollentia was the major city in Majorca, covering a vast amount of land – 15-20 hectares to be exact.

If you want to really delve deep into the history of these Roman ruins, read all about the archaeological findings behind this tourist attraction at the museum (Museu Monografic de Pollentia), which is located on-site and is open to the general public.