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Food and Drink, Fuerteventura

Eating and drinking in Fuerteventura is affordable in price and even better, the quality of each dish served is of the highest standard, making this Spanish resort the perfect location for those looking for a quality holiday on a budget. Head over to Mi Casa in Corralejo, which offers the freshest fish to enjoy and provides visitors with stunning ocean views while they eat.

Beachfront bars

Fuerteventura’s coast is lined with beautiful sun-kissed beaches, which offer visitors spectacular views, gorgeous walks and idyllic places to relax. Situated on a great many of these beaches is a fantastic selection of beachfront bars for those who are in need of a cold drink and somewhere to get out of the sun.

Hoplaco Beach Bar is located right on the beach in La Oliva and provides patrons with a wonderful ocean view and friendly hospitality both during the day and evening. Whether you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a mid-afternoon drink or make a night of it with some exotic cocktails, Hopalco Beach Bar is a favourite with tourists from around the world.

Another beachfront bar that proves popular with visitors is La Concha Beach Bar. Also a restaurant, it can be found in El Cotillo and is famed for serving refreshingly cool beers and delicious, freshly prepared cuisine.

Brit bars on the beach

Mixed in with the fantastic Spanish bars in Fuerteventura, the island is also home to plenty of Brit bars by the beach, ranging from trendy places to go for a drink to friendly British pub-style bars that welcome the whole family. If you’re feeling homesick, never fear, you won’t be far from a Brit bar.

One such pub is The Trafalgar in Caleta de Fuste is one such family pub. If you go away to an exotic location but still crave a pint a lager and a traditional roast dinner, look no further than The Trafalgar, which serves the finest roast beef dinner for miles.

5th Avenue is another favourite with Brits abroad. This restaurant can be found in La Oliva and serves up a fusion of food, including traditional favourites like shoulder of lamb, steak and Balmoral chicken. There is also an absolutely mouth-watering dessert menu to peruse during your visit.

Cheap places to eat

Fuerteventura is filled with cheap places to eat all over the island. While Fuerteventura is home to an enormous range of world-class gourmet eateries, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anywhere you can enjoy a delicious meal without the hefty bill at the end of the night.

La Bodega de Jandia is one restaurant that offers the finest dining experience, minus the enormous bill. Located in Morro del Jable, this restaurant serves tasty tapas dishes and an enormous selection of Spanish dishes. Their desserts are absolutely delicious, too, so if you are in search of a restaurant that offers delectable, affordable cuisine, look no further than La Bodega de Jandia.

L’Aperipizza in Costa Calma is one of the most restaurants in the area, offering exquisite pizza and Italian food for a low price. Each pizza is hand prepared and cooked to perfection; this is the perfect place to bring the family for lunch.

Fado Rock

Fado Rock is one of Fuerteventura’s most popular restaurants. This steakhouse can be found in Corralejo and is a popular choice for the whole family. The grilled meats are to die for; you even have the option to cook your steak at your own table, as well as have your dessert flambéed in front of you.

Fado Rock is famed for its generous portions, meaning the restaurant is great value for money. Booking in advance is advised as it is known to get very busy. Nonetheless, the service at Fado Rock is among the best in the whole of Fuerteventura.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to go for an evening meal or a spot of lunch, be sure to book a table at Fado Rock at least once during your visit to the island – we are certain this will not be your only visit to the restaurant while you are there.

Gourmet eateries

Fuerteventura is home to a great many gourmet eateries, which promise exquisite food, the finest service and an amazing ambience. Whether you are looking to treat yourself as a solo traveller, a romantic meal for two or a gourmet treat for the whole family, Fuerteventura is certain satisfy your culinary needs.

Restaurante Yamatori is home to the finest Japanese cuisine in all of Fuerteventura. Located in La Oliva, the ambience is traditionally Japanese and each and every dish is sculpted like a work of art.

Restaurante Marabu gives you the option to eat al fresco thanks to its patio with umbrellas to keep you sheltered from the sun. Serving a range of international delicacies, this gourmet eatery can be found in Pajara. The service is second-to-none and the ambience makes for a very romantic evening out. This is the perfect place to bring your partner for an unforgettable dining experience.

Local cuisine

If you are on holiday in Fuerteventura, you cannot afford to miss out on sampling the local cuisine. Like all the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura’s local cuisine is to die for and comprises of a wide range of dishes, meaning there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Firstly, there is a vast array of fresh seafood on the island, which is served in a huge selection of restaurants. Pejines are a very popular snack in Fuerteventura; these tiny fish are cooked in alcohol and make for an incredibly moreish nibble that you can find in many Fuerteventura eateries.

For a more traditional Spanish delicacy, you must try the paella. This rice dish is simply to die for and, although it is available all over the world, nobody cooks it like the Spanish, who originally created the delicious recipe. Paella can be cooked in a range of ways, with a mix of ingredients, so be sure to try a few variations.

Main street

Main Street in Corralejo is the place to go if you are looking to flex your spending muscle. The main street, Avenida General Franco, is a hub for an enormous range of outlets where you can purchase all your holiday essentials.

No holiday to Fuerteventura is complete without a spot of shopping, so make sure you call on the main street for all your retail needs. Aside from local stores, you will also find a wide range of international brands such as Mango and Benetton, so why not treat yourself to something indulgent while you are on the island?

There are also plenty of stores on main street selling gorgeous trinkets to take home and cherish, as well as Lava jewellery. There is no better place to go in Fuerteventura if you are in need of some retail therapy, so be sure to come and browse the great many stores.

Rock Café

The Rock Café in Corralejo is a favourite with patrons because of its lively and jovial atmosphere and delightfully kitsch décor, reflecting the classic decade of rock and roll, the 1950s. This bar has a reputation for getting very busy, so if you enjoy an ambience with a buzz, this is the place for you.

The menu is filled with traditional fast food favourites, including French fries, gourmet hot dogs and burgers. There are also Spanish favourites such as fajitas, as well as a selection of sandwiches and salads. Live music is another draw for those who love all things rock and roll, so if you enjoy seeing bands, be sure to call in one evening when the Rock Café is hosting one.

The drinks menu ranges from lager to exotic cocktails, as well as soft drink favourites like cola and lemonade. If you are looking for somewhere to eat, book a table at the Rock Café. Similarly, you can just call in at the bar and enjoy a drink.

Seafood restaurants

Fuerteventura is an island surrounded by crystal clear oceans, making it a hub for some of the world’s finest seafood restaurants. Holidaymakers are never far away from a selection of seafood restaurants when they visit Fuerteventura, so you should be certain to call in at least one of them during your stay to sample the cuisine.

Mi Casa in Corralejo is located right by the sea and is considered to be one of the finest seafood restaurants in all of Fuerteventura. Serving a range of the freshest Mediterranean cuisine, visitors come from miles around to dine here.

Calu Restaurant & Lounge Bar, also in Corralejo, is another seafood restaurant which can be found right by the ocean. Each dish is treated as a work of art by the staff here and every mouthful looks just as delightful as it tastes. They also have a to-die-for dessert menu that you should definitely try.

Waikiki beach Club

Situated right on the beach, the Waikiki Beach Club can be found in Corralejo and offers an amazing view and atmosphere, not to mention a delicious range of exotic drinks. The menu is also a reason to visit Waikiki Beach Club. Serving a delectable selection of salads, seafood and gourmet burgers and fast food.

The Waikiki Beach Club has seating both inside and outside for its patrons, so if you are looking to get out of the sun for a while, be sure to call in for a drink and something to eat. Alternatively, you can still soak up the sun over your meal if you so wish, eating on the restaurant’s patio, right on the beach.

The restaurant is open during the day and evening, offering a gorgeous view of the ocean at any hour. If you are looking for somewhere with a friendly ambience that is close to the beach, look no further than Waikiki Beach Club.