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Casa de los Coroneles, Fuerteventura

Casa de los Coroneles is a stately home located in La Oliva in the north of Fuerteventura. Once the seat of the island’s colonel, the home is now a museum.

The building is set in a very isolated location, although coach trips do run to it for tourists to visit the site. Once there, visitors can wander freely around the Casa de los Coroneles, taking in the splendour of the building, which was believed to be constructed way back in 1740. Those who are interested in architecture cannot afford to miss paying a visit to Casa de los Coroneles while in Fuerteventura; this is one of the finest examples of Spanish architecture to be found anywhere in the Canary Islands.

The inner courtyard is delightful and the roof terraces also offer superb views of the surrounding countryside – Casa de los Coroneles is set in the wilds, surrounded by mountains. There is also an indoor market selling fresh vegetable, bread and cheese.