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Barranco de Guayadeque, Gran Canaria

The evergreen Barranco de Guayadeque is one of the most magnificent valleys of the island. Growing in abundance on the steep slopes of the valley are cacti, poppies, palms, agaves, Canary Island pines and almond trees, as well as more than 80 common species.

One of the most important pre-historic burial grounds is located in the valley, where the dead were buried in inaccessible caves. These caves were later used to live in, to store food and as sites for fertility rituals. This area became a designated nature reserve in the 19th century to prevent locals plundering the graves and selling many of the archaeological finds.

The Visitors Centre provides complete information on all the archaeological sites in the area, as well as other useful environmental data that explains the many interesting facts and figures relating to this beautiful setting.