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Activities, Lanzarote

Centre your holiday adventures around the calming waves and warm waters, which make for great water sport activities. Lanzarote is actually a surfer’s paradise, with its soft sands, high waves and still air. For an unforgettable wine tasting experience, take a day trip up to the mountains and wander through one of Lanzarote’s spectacular vineyards and uncover where the wine you’re drinking on an evening is actually made.

Aquapark Costa Teguise

Aquapark Costa Teguise makes for a fun filled day out for visitors of all ages. This water park in Lanzarote is home to a wide range of thrilling water slides, pools and aquatic activities that the whole family can enjoy. There is enjoy going on here to keep you entertained for a whole day, so you don’t need to worry about getting bored. Adults can lay back on the sun loungers, or enjoy a cold drink, while the kids play in the pools.

Aquapark Costa Teguise isn’t just the home of spectacular water slides, though. Visitors can also go paintballing, an activity ideal for groups of people aged 16 and over. There is also a cinema on site, plus adventure parks for children and grown ups alike.

Freshly prepared food and drink can be purchased within the grounds of the water park,for very reasonable prices, so you can make sure your family is fully replenished after a long day of splashing about.

Boat Trips

The crystal clear waters that surround Lanzarote mean that visitors have the choice of enjoying boat trips like no other.

Water sports are popular past times in Lanzarote, so if you’re an adrenaline junkie, book a water skiing trip or speedboat ride. Alternatively, you may wish to cruise leisurely along the coastline, in which case yachts and sail boats offer trips for a few hours, or even the whole day. Fishing is just as popular and the island boasts many fishing trips that take you out to areas you’re likely to reel in a catch.

If you possess a diver’s licence, you can take a boat trip out to sea to study the incredible sea life which swims around the island. You have the option to hire your own boat or take a group trip out, where a friendly team will lead a diving expedition and take you to the most interesting places under the sea.


Lanzarote has been a desirable location for cyclists to spend their holiday for years and recently it has become even more popular.

It’s not hard to see where this popularity comes from. The terrain is great for cycling, the tarmac is in great condition and there are plenty of flat roads with little traffic. Lanzarote has a consistently hot and dry climate too, so you wont be caught out by a severe rainstorm.

The routes boast brilliant backdrops, particularly the Arrieta to Orzola route, which is a flat 30km ride across the seafront that is a joy for cyclists of all abilities. For cyclists looking for a more serious challenge, there is the 180km Ironman course, and the renowned Tabayesco hill climb, starting at sea level and ascending to the highest point on the island.

There is a multitude of great facilities to accommodate cyclists on the island as well, there are high quality sports hotels and professional rental shops which offer a range of bikes, including mountain bikes, electric bikes, professional road bikes and racing bikes.

Diving and Snorkeling

Some of the best views that Lanzarote has to offer lie beneath the surface, and because the waters are clean and crystal clear, you can get an unspoiled view of them by going snorkelling or scuba diving.

The warm waters are very comfortable to swim in, and they are free of harmful animals, meaning you can dive without fear. High quality snorkelling kits are widely available from local shops or if you want to get even closer to the wildlife, there are numerous diving schools, which run lessons with professional instructors where you can build up your confidence in a safe environment, so don’t be put off if you haven’t been scuba diving before.

There are multiple beaches in Lanzarote where there is an array of beautiful sights and remarkable marine life to be seen. La Gartia beach is home to rainbow fish, zebra fish and parrot fish, and at Flamingo beach, barracuda, cuttlefish, starfish and arrow crabs are also commonly found. If you are lucky, you might see a lobster or an angel shark as well.


Lanzarote is becoming an increasingly popular destination for golfers, with many fantastic new courses and an ideal dry and warm climate that lasts all year round.

“Lanzarote Golf Resort” is one of the islands newest courses and offers an array of fantastic facilities. It provides a challenge for golfers of all abilities, but don’t be put off if you are a beginner, as they offer lessons to first time golfers, and children. It was designed with the environment in mind, so is home to an array of palm trees and indigenous plants, while looking out over the Atlantic Ocean and the Puerto del Carmen. There is a bar, café and a restaurant on site, and buggies, clubs and electronic trolleys are available to hire.

There are multiple other courses on the island as well, the first to open on the island being the Costa Teguise course. It sits at the bottom of an active volcano, meaning it boasts fantastic views and it has also previously hosted championships, so it is steeped in prestige as well.

Guiante Tropical Park

Guinate Tropical Park is an absolute must visit for all nature lovers in Lanzarote. It is a huge, 11-acre natural area in north east Lanzarote, lying at the foot of the volcano, and is home to over 1300 animals.

Some of the animals you will be able to see during your visit include lemurs, meerkats, and even penguins at the “Penguin Paradise” pool, which you can watch from underwater. There’s also a vast amount of birds flying around the area, and you can even see a parrot show that runs hourly every day. The natural environment of the park is stunning, with waterfalls, ponds and streams scattered around the park, in which there is an abundance of fish.

The park runs its own bus service making it easily accessible, and there are areas where you can buy snacks at the park. There is also a bar where you can relax and take in the natural beauty surrounding you, as well as a children’s play area, to keep your little one’s happy while you relax.

International Museum of Art

The International Museum of Art in Lanzarote is a small but very impressive sight to see. Firstly, the museum is situated within the Castillo de San Jose, an historic fortress which dates back to 1774. The fortress is located right by the sea, so visitors also have a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, which is a work of art in itself.

For a small entrance fee, visitors can immerse themselves in the range of contemporary art that is housed there, with installations from renowned artists from all over the world. Various installations can also be found in the grounds surrounding the Castillo de San Jose – there are even some statues that stretch out to sea, meaning you are literally surrounded by culture. One of Lanzarote’s finest restaurants can also be found within the grounds, offering delightful views of the local port, so why not enjoy some fine dining after viewing the fine art?


On the southeast coast of the island within the city of Arrecife lies the stunning Marina Lanzarote; a vibrant modern marina that is a hub of culture and history.

After being redeveloped in 2014, the marina is now home to a fantastic array of quality bars and restaurants, including high quality tapas bars and great street food as well as sumptuous fine dining restaurants. If you are an avid shopper, you will love the marina’s selection of quality fashion and accessory stores.

Many visitors are happy to just wander around the marina, taking in its distinctive atmosphere. There are also fascinating museums inside the 17th & 18th century forts which celebrate the art and history of the island.


Lanzarote’s vineyards can be located out in the island’s beautiful countryside. Take a tour around the incredible vineyards and learn how some of Spain’s most delicious bottles are made. The bodega is open to visitors and offers a unique insight into the wine making process. The vineyards are set high up in the mountains by the old volcanoes, so you also have a breathtaking view to complement your trip.

As you would probably expect, wine tasting is also held at the vineyards, offering visitors the chance to taste a variety of delicious flavours, all of which have been lovingly grown and created within the grounds of Lanzarote’s vineyards. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy some free samples of some of the finest wine the Canary Islands have to offer.

Naturally, there is also the chance to purchase some of these vintages, ensuring you can savour the flavours of your trip.

Water Sports

The warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding Lanzarote are great for water sports, and there is an array of companies offering a range of different sports to experience.

For thrill seekers, the north coast seas provide the perfect conditions for more extreme water sports, including parascending, jet skiing and water skiing. The high winds also make it ideal for wind surfing and sailing, while also providing some of the best waves in Europe for surfing. Multiple companies provide quality equipment and facilitate first-timers, and some even offer sessions using a flyboard that allows you to fly above the surface.

There are several ways to get up close to exotic marine life. The crystal clear waters are superb for snorkelling or scuba diving. There are many companies which provide sessions and equipment, as well as lessons for those looking to scuba dive for the first time. Marine excursions also leave from multiple harbours on the island, some of which provide you with the opportunity to go dolphin spotting and whale watching.