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Famara Beach, Lanzarote

Famara beach can be located in the north west of Lanzarote and is away from the island’s more touristy areas further south. Because of this, visitors to Lanzarote are practically guaranteed peace and quiet if they choose Famara beach as their chill out location.

The beach has become a go-to location for surfers from all over the world. The waters are known to get quite choppy thanks to the wind, so Famara beach is not best suited to swimmers, but for surfing, there is nowhere better. More often than not, there are more people in the water than on the beach itself.

The beach is surrounded by beautiful hillsides, providing a gorgeous, natural backdrop to your visit. There are various sand dunes to be explored and the local town offers a great range of bars, restaurant and shops, all within walking distance of each other, so be sure to call in after a day of relaxing on the sands.