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Beachfront bars, Lanzarote

With such a gorgeous array of beaches in Lanzarote, it is only natural that a countless number of beachfront bars can be located all over the island. After a day of playing sports on the beach, strolling, or just sunning yourself on the sand, there is no greater complement than being able to order an ice-cold drink and enjoy a refreshing bite to eat.

The Aussies Beach Bar in Puerto Del Carmen has a reputation for being one of the friendliest bars in all of Lanzarote. It serves a hearty range of burgers and other fast food, as well as teas and coffees. Naturally, there is also plenty of frosty beer to be enjoyed, as well as soft drinks. Located right on the beach, it is ideal for families who want to enjoy the sea view as they eat.

The Sunset Beach Bar & Restaurant, as the name suggests, is also right by the beach. Boasting a traditionally British pub feel to it, you can enjoy cocktails, or mocktails for the under-18s, as well as play pool and try your luck on the fruit machine.