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Gourmet eateries, Lanzarote

Gourmet eateries can be found all over Lanzarote, providing patrons with world-class cuisine, the finest décor, and unrivalled hospitality. One of the absolute finest of fine dining experiences can be had at Lani’s Cafe Restaurant. Overlooking the ocean, this restaurant in Puerto Del Carmen ensure that the view is just as breathtaking as the food. Serving a range of seafood and Mediterranean delicacies, the décor is clean and the food is to die for. Enjoy a refreshing breakfast or order a bottle of champagne and indulge in an incredible evening meal. This place just must be tried.

Lilium is another gourmet restaurant that furnishes diners with a view that rivals the exquisite cuisine. Right beside the harbour, diners can eat al fresco and take in the absolutely stunning visual of the harbour lights glimmering on the water. It has an impressive wine list and is famed for serving some of the greatest desserts to be found in Lanzarote.