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Sights, Lanzarote

The Old Town Harbour in Puerto Del Carmen is a favourite sight among tourists. Holidaymakers head over to the harbour and experience the idyllic boats floating on the rippling waters and stroll through the authentic Friday market. It’s not just about the clear blue waters on a holiday to Lanzarote, but the emerald waters found here, too. El Lago Verde lagoon is a sight you cannot miss out on, adding an enchanted, forest feel to this popular beach destination.

Castillo de las Coloradas

Castillo de las Coloradas can be located in Playa Blanca, right beside the ocean. Originally built to ward off pirates, this tower is rich in history and is well worth a visit for a variety of reasons. Although it is not possible to enter the tower itself, there is plenty of information on Castillo de las Coloradas’ history to be found on boards surrounding it.

The cliffs that Castillo de las Coloradas sits upon offer stunning views of the sea, so if you have a passion for photography, don’t forget to take your camera to this highly photogenic location. Castillo de las Coloradas is also handy for a range of cafes and eateries, so be sure to call in at one to take in the breathtaking views of the sun, sea and sky.

It is also a popular location for fishing if you have a passion for the sport.

Castillo de San Gabriel

The Castillo de San Gabriel can be located in Arrecife, in the east of Lanzarote. Specifically, it is located in the small village of Islote de los Ingleses. Translated, Castillo de San Gabriel means “Castle of Saint Gabriel”, and it was originally built as a wooden fortress for defence purposes, before being burned down by Berber pirates.

The stone building, which still stands today, was constructed in the 16th Century and played a pivotal role in protecting the local harbour and town. Declared a National Historic Monument in 1972, Castillo de San Gabriel has become an immensely popular tourist attraction, particularly those who are interested in military history.

The castle is open every Tuesday to Saturday at various times of the day for visitors to immerse themselves in its rich history. Located right beside the ocean, Castillo de San Gabriel also offers spectacular sea views for visitors to take in.

Cesar Manrique Foundation

Cesar Manrique Foundation is an absolutely incredible house, which has been created within a series of volcanic bubbles. The House was created by the locally born artist and architect, Cesar Manrique.

Visitors are blown away by the beauty of this house, which you have the opportunity of being able to walk around for a small entrance fee. The interior is breathtaking, combining modern furnishings with the primal feeling of the volcanic rock – Cesar Manrique Foundation really is like nowhere else on earth. Visitors can explore every nook and cranny, from the gorgeous blue pool in the garden to the beautiful decorated lounge.

If you have a love of architecture, art, or Cesar Manrique’s work, this house is a sight you simply have to see during your holiday to Lanzarote. It can be easily accessed by bus, situated just a few hundred metres away from the Cruce Cesar Manrique bus stop.

El Lago Verde

El Lago Verde truly is a natural wonder. Located in the delightful town of El Golfo, close to the southwest coastline, El Lago Verde is a crescent moon shaped lagoon which is filled with volcanic minerals and micro-organisms believed to be unique to the lake.

It can be found at the foot of the crater wall of El Golfo, a half-submerged cone of a volcano, which has been partially eroded by the sea after thousands of years. The green lagoon is separated from the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean by a beach of black pebbles, which were once part of the volcano. Here, you can look for specimens of semi-precious olivine.

El Lago Verde retains its stunning emerald green colour all year round, so whatever time of the year you pay a visit to Lanzarote, you are sure to see this miracle of nature in all its splendour.

Jameos del Agua

Head to Punta Mujeres to take in the zen beauty of Jameos Del Agua. Cesar Manrique, who is famous in Lanzarote for his volcanic transformations, evolved Jameos del Agua. Beginning life as debris of a volcanic tube, Jameos del Aqua is now a unique haven where you can be at one with nature.

Within Jameos del Agua is a theatre, built into the volcanic tube, it offers acoustics and a cultural experience like no other should you be lucky enough to catch a show. Live music is held there every Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the summer seasons.

Gaze into what is possibly the bluest pool to be found anywhere on the island, outside in the gardens. Beautiful artwork can be found carved into practically every corner of Jameos del Agua. Friendly and informative guides will take you to see the caves, which make for a photographer’s paradise.

Jardin de Cactus

Jardin de Cactus is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience the breathtaking scenery in Lanzarote’s countryside. Situated in Guatiza, Jardin de Cactus is home to countless species of succulents, cacti and other spiked plants.

It has been thoughtfully created within a walled garden to provide relief from the strong winds that can occur in Lanzarote’s hills. Because of this, Jardin de Cactus exudes a tranquil and serene atmosphere. The paved pathway lets you weave in and out the various species of plants.

There is a café on site, so you have the opportunity to enjoy some refreshments during your visit. There are also toilets within the grounds. The nearby windmill allows you to climb to the top, giving you great views of both the garden and the countryside which surrounds it. If you have a passion for all things botanical, don’t miss the chance to visit Jardin de Cactus while in Lanzarote.

Los Hervideros

Los Hervideros is a stretch of uniquely-shaped cliffs, which can be found just north of one of Lanzarote’s most popular resorts, Playa Blanca. If you are in search of somewhere that lets you get out of the touristy areas and enjoy some tranquillity by the sea, Los Hervideros is the place to go.

These cliffs are undisturbed and unspoilt by tourists and also have gothic labyrinth of underwater caves, which were produced by the solidification of lava and erosion. The cliffs have pathways for visitors to walk along while they take in the spectacular scene of the aqua blue water lashing against the rocks.

If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to visit Los Hervideros on a day when the Atlantic Ocean is rough enough, swells of water are forced many metres into the air, which are then followed by bombastic noises – a fantastic and thrilling sight.

Montana Roja

The aptly named Montana Roja, or Red Mountain, is a beautiful volcanic crater that towers over the popular tourist resort of Playa Blanca. Visitors are able to climb Montana Roja and take in the beautiful sights and sounds of the nearby ocean.

The walk to Montana Roja is relatively short, so there’s no need to set aside a whole day to conquer this crater. However, you can lengthen your route if you wish by taking in Playa Blanca’s delightful promenade, either before or after your trek to Montana Roja. Once there, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the sea and of Playa Blanca, below. There are also many unusual volcanic rock formations to be studied.

There are no facilities to be found by the crater, so it is recommended you take plenty of water; there’s always the choice of calling in at one of Playa Blanca’s many eateries or bars after your walk for a cold drink and something to eat.

Old Town Harbour

A visit to Puerto Del Carmen will bring you to Old Town Harbour. This quaint harbour makes for an excellent way to spend a few hours, or even a full day, surrounded by the sea.

Old Town Harbour has a small market on Fridays, which sells local produce, as well as more tourist-oriented mementos to help you remember your trip to Puerto Del Carmen. The harbour is also handy for an enormous range of restaurants. Many of these eateries are famed for serving the freshest fish and other seafood delicacies, also providing visitors with a gorgeous view of the ocean as they dine. Tapas bars and traditional bars can also be found in the area.

Old Town Harbour is also ideal if you just fancy a walk along the boardwalk and see the boats pulling in and out of this delightful setting. Water buses run from the harbour, offering you the chance to go out on the water, yourself.

Timanfaya National Park

A visit to Timanfaya National Park really is like taking a trip to another planet. The site once included more than 100 volcanoes, which covered over 52 kilometres and towered over Lanzarote’s skyline. The last eruptions were in 1824 and the area was declared a national park in 1968; since then, it has become one of the most-loved locations for tourists, offering an otherworldly experience like no other.

Coach trips can take you right to the very summit, providing you with an absolutely breathtaking panoramic view that stretches for miles and miles. You even have the chance to take a camel ride while in the mountains. The drive up and around Timanfaya National Park is just as gorgeous as taking your first step on this rocky Mars-like terrain. Guides are there to give talks and demonstrations, letting you actually see the smoke and fire rise up from the ground.