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Cueva de los Verdes, Canary Islands

Cueva de los Verdes, or “the Green Caves”, is an impressively long volcanic tunnel which formed from a lava flow when the (now extinct) Monte Corona erupted.

It stretches for six kilometres above sea level and another 1.5 kilometres below the sea. This section below the sea is known as Túnel de la Atlántida (which means “the tunnel of Atlantis”).

It is thought that in earlier centuries, locals used the caves to hide from raiders and pirates. Now, a portion of the cave is used as a concert hall, which can seat 500 people at once – how cool is that? This plays host to classical music concerts through the year but remains one of Lanzarote’s best-kept secrets. 

When entering into the caves, you’ll find that lighting has also been fitted throughout so that visitors can experience the unique shapes, textures and colours of the impressive cave walls. Take one of the regular guided tours here to see all the highlights of this amazing attraction.