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Amarilla divers, Tenerife

Amarilla Divers can be found in Los Abrigos, in the south of Tenerife. This centre offers out of this world scuba diving and snorkelling to its visitors, providing a wide range of courses for people of varying ability and interests. These courses are offered to water lovers of all ages, starting with those from aged 10 and older.

Take a course in rescue diving to learn how to rescue both yourself and other divers from difficult situations, underwater. There is also underwater navigation, underwater photography, night diving, boat diving and many, many more.

Instructors are friendly and helpful. Amarilla Divers gives you the unique experience of being able to swim up close to an enormous range of sea life including sea turtles, squids and eels – some even stick around long enough for you to get your picture taken with them. Explore the world beneath Tenerife’s shoreline with Amarilla Divers and get the experience of a lifetime.