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Botanical gardens, Tenerife

Tenerife’s Botanical Gardens, or Jardin Botanico, can be located in the tourist resort of Puerto de la Cruz. These gardens are absolutely brimming with an enormous range of exotic wild flowers, making for a beautifully colourful setting.

This is the perfect place to come and be at one with nature; the sheer size of these gardens means you can literally get lost among the trees, plants and flowers that can be found around every corner. There are also a selection of tranquil ponds with water features to add to the serenity of the Botanical Gardens.

Also on site is a small cafe, so visitors have the chance of enjoying some refreshments during their visit to the Botanical Gardens.

Anybody who is interested in botany cannot afford to miss a trip to these marvellous gardens; the gardeners make sure that there is something in bloom throughout the year, so whenever you visit the island, you can be certain you will not be disappointed.