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Hard Rock Café Tenerife

Teenerife’s Hard Rock Café was established in 2013 and has developed into one of the island’s most famous eateries. The effortless style of the café’s décor makes it a hit with visitors who love their rock music, boasting a wide range of rock memorabilia.

It combines classic flavours with a modern ambience to create a dining experience you won’t soon forget. The menu is crammed with favourites including buffalo-style wings, nachos and a range of burgers. There are also salads, ribs and sandwiches, not to mention the delicious desserts also on the menu. A kid’s menu is also available.

Diners can enjoy these good eats, cooked by internationally renowned chefs, in a décor that incorporates outfits donated by the likes of Elvis Presley, Madonna and David Bowie, as well as instruments played by Motley Crue and Cheap Trick. This is an experience not to be missed by anyone who claims to love rock music.