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Sights, Tenerife

Only in Tenerife can you watch whales and dolphins peacefully dive in and out of the beautiful crystal clear waters. Watching the sea life in their natural habitat is just one of many spectacular sights to see here, as is the extraordinary Mount Teide, the home to Tenerife’s majestic volcano.

Acantilados de los Gigantes

Acantilados de los Gigantes are sights not to be missed during your holiday to Tenerife. With vertical walls that reach up to 500 metres high, these vertical cliffs are absolutely breathtaking works of nature that you really must see for yourself to appreciate their beauty.

At the foot of the cliffs is a seabed with a depth of 30 metres, containing vast riches of marine life. It is this marine life that makes the water under Acantilados de los Gigantes a favourite with diving enthusiasts and sports fishermen.

Close by is also a black sand beach and marina. The nearby town of Los Gigantes is a popular tourist attraction and is close to various resorts, including Playa de La Arena and Puerto de Santiago.

If you love nature, you can’t afford to miss visiting Acantilados de los Gigantes during your holiday in Tenerife. They provide unrivalled views of the emerald green ocean and vast horizon.

Basilica of Candelaria

Located in Candelaria to the east of Tenerife, the Basilica of Candelaria is the first Marian shrine of the Canary Islands. This Roman Catholic minor basilica was consecrated in 1959 and is a real wonder of Spanish architecture. If you are a catholic, masses are held throughout the week, but even for those who are not religious, the Basilica of Candelaria is still a beautiful sight to behold.

The altar is a stunning mural of religious imagery and the interior is gorgeously decorated. A gift shop can also be found within the building, so you can take a memento from your visit. The Basilica of Candelaria is also located just behind the local beach, so holidaymakers can take a relaxing stroll along the sand after they have explored the building’s beauty.

If you have a love of architecture, you cannot afford to miss the chance to view the stunning beauty of the Basilica of Candelaria.

Bosque de Esperanza

The Bosque de Esperanza offers visitors to Tenerife the opportunity to be at one with nature like nowhere else in the Canary Islands. Located in San Cristobal de La Laguna, in the northern part of the island, Bosque de Esperanza gives unrivalled views of the impressive landscape.

The mountains actually take you above the clouds, giving you a view of Mount Teidi that cannot be matched anywhere else in Tenerife. The forest is unspoilt and a delight to explore; the trees tower above you and stretch into the heavens. Don’t worry, though, Bosque de Esperanza is well sign posted to ensure you can find your way back out at the end of your exploration.

It is also possible to drive along the route if you have a car, taking in all the sights and sounds of Tenerife’s nature. The roadside also provides drivers with a spectacular view of the sea.

Castillo de San Felipe

The Castillo de San Felipe can be found in the city of Puerto de la Cruz, on the north coast of Tenerife. Dating as far back as 1641, the Castillo de San Felipe is rich in history and continues to be an immensely popular tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world.

The fortress is situated by the sea, originally constructed for defensive purposes, it offers spectacular views of the coast. The castle is also situated right next to a beach, so you can take a long relaxing stroll after a day of immersing yourself in the history of one of Tenerife’s most iconic monuments.

It is also home to a variety of temporary art exhibitions, so if you are a fan of art, be sure to pay a visit to Castillo de San Felipe at some point during your stay in Tenerife.

La Cueva Del Viento

These caves offer tours to small parties of up to 15 people per trip. These tours are known to fill up fast, so tickets must be purchased in advance of your visit. La Cueva Del Viento have very knowledgeable staff, who are only too happy to provide background and information on the caves.

La Cueva Del Viento can be found in the district of Icod de los Vinos. This volcanic cavity was formed a staggering 27,000 years ago, from the first eruptive phase of the Pico Viejo volcano, next to Tenerife’s iconic Mount Teide.

There is no artificial lighting in the cave, so visitors get to experience the true nature of La Cueva Del Viento. Hard hats with lamp lights are provided to ensure your safety while exploring the cave. Visitors also have the opportunity to venture across a field of lava and one of the largest lava tubes in the world.

Light and Music fountain

The Light and Music Fountain can be found in the popular tourist resort of Playa de Las Americas and delights tourists with a spectacular evening show which combines some of the world’s best-known classics with a fountain display.

The fountain can be located in the middle of Centro Comercial Safari and is the perfect way to while away half an hour as you watch the fountains dance in dazzling colours to the likes of Shirley Bassey and Frank Sinatra. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you so you can take some memorable snaps of this magical, musical attraction. The fountain is very photogenic.

Surrounded by stores, you can indulge in a spot of evening retail therapy on the way to or back from the fountains. There is also a selection of bars and bistros located nearby so you can enjoy an evening meal or drink as you watch the fantastic display.

Lunar Landscape

Lunar Landscape is an experience like no other. This moon-like scenery comprised of natural rock formations attracts visitors from all over the world, who are keen to walk on what was once a hotbed of molten lava.

Located in Mount Teide National Park, the Lunar Landscape makes for an incredibly scenic walk, which provides travellers with a breathtaking view of Tenerife’s landscape. This Lunar Landscape has seen movies including Planet of the Apes and the Star Wars Trilogy filmed here, providing an otherworldly setting for Hollywood and tourists alike.

Beginning the trip with a walk from Vilaflor, the loop is not for the fainthearted, but the path through the pine forest is all worth it. The Lunar Landscape itself is unspoilt by man, so you can enjoy a real taste of nature which dates back thousands of years. The pathway is well signposted, taking you up above the clouds.

Museum of Nature and Man

The Museum of Nature and Man can be found within the Old Civil Hospital in Santz Cruz, the island’s capital city. The museum is home to a range of permanent exhibitions, which includes a formidable colletion of mummies, including the famous Mummy of San Andreas.

There are also 13 Egyptian ceramic pots which are dated to be as old as 5,700 years – one of them is the oldest piece of this civilisation to be found anywhere in a Spanish museum.

Also to be found at the Museum of Nature and Man is a fine selection of fossil remains of extinct marine arthropods. If you have a passion for natural history, the Museum of Nature and Man is a sight not to be missed on your trip to Tenerife. In fact, it is regarded as one of the most important museums to be found anywhere in the North Atlantic.

Museum of Science

If you have a passion for science, you cannot afford to miss an opportunity to visit the Museum of Science during your Tenerife holiday. This museum has been designed to entertain and educate visitors of all ages, so it’s the perfect day out for all the family.

The Museum of Science is located in San Cristobal de La Laguna, just outside of the island’s capital. It is home to an incredible planetarium and features a great range of interactive installations and features that can teach visitors of any age something new about how our planet works.

Learn more about electricity, magnetism, the solar system and much more during your visit. There are holiday workshops run in the holiday season for children who are keen to expand their minds while also having a fantastic time.

The museum also has activities for those who have specialist knowledge, giving them the opportunity to expand their knowledge even further.

Parque Garcia Sanabria

Get out in the sunshine and enjoy some beautiful Spanish architecture by paying a visit to Parque Garcia Sanabria. Situated right in the heart of Santa Cruz, this urban park has been delighting visitors with its beauty for over 90 years, ever since it was first inaugurated back in 1926. It has since been listed as a site of cultural interest by the Government of the Canary Islands.

The centrepiece of the park is the beautiful flower clock, which is a working clock embedded in a gorgeous flower bed. Visitors can stroll freely around the Parque Garcia Sanabria and take in the breathtaking architecture that has gone into creating such stunning fountains and monuments.

There is a delightful pathway lined with benches and palm trees, giving visitors the chance to take the weight off their feet and soak up the calm ambience. There’s also the chance to get a drink and something to eat in a café within the grounds.