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La Cueva Del Viento, Tenerife

These caves offer tours to small parties of up to 15 people per trip. These tours are known to fill up fast, so tickets must be purchased in advance of your visit. La Cueva Del Viento have very knowledgeable staff, who are only too happy to provide background and information on the caves.

La Cueva Del Viento can be found in the district of Icod de los Vinos. This volcanic cavity was formed a staggering 27,000 years ago, from the first eruptive phase of the Pico Viejo volcano, next to Tenerife’s iconic Mount Teide.

There is no artificial lighting in the cave, so visitors get to experience the true nature of La Cueva Del Viento. Hard hats with lamp lights are provided to ensure your safety while exploring the cave. Visitors also have the opportunity to venture across a field of lava and one of the largest lava tubes in the world.