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Parque Garcia Sanabria, Tenerife

Get out in the sunshine and enjoy some beautiful Spanish architecture by paying a visit to Parque Garcia Sanabria. Situated right in the heart of Santa Cruz, this urban park has been delighting visitors with its beauty for over 90 years, ever since it was first inaugurated back in 1926. It has since been listed as a site of cultural interest by the Government of the Canary Islands.

The centrepiece of the park is the beautiful flower clock, which is a working clock embedded in a gorgeous flower bed. Visitors can stroll freely around the Parque Garcia Sanabria and take in the breathtaking architecture that has gone into creating such stunning fountains and monuments.

There is a delightful pathway lined with benches and palm trees, giving visitors the chance to take the weight off their feet and soak up the calm ambience. There’s also the chance to get a drink and something to eat in a café within the grounds.