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Algar Botanical Garden, Costa Blanca

Home to hundreds of cacti, the Algar Botanical Garden has been a labour of love for Pepe Perez, the owner, for many years. This private garden boasts at least 500 species of cacti, as well as other plants, which have been grouped into various exhibition areas.

If you have a passion for horticulture or mother nature, no trip to Costa Blanca would be complete without calling in at the Algar Botanical Garden. Broaden your knowledge of this fascinating subject by taking in the various exhibitions.

Take the kids to Dino Park, where they can explore the vast range of cacti on display amongst the model dinosaurs also on show. Each exhibition is featured alongside detailed explanations of the plants and groupings, so whether already possess an in-depth knowledge of cacti and other plants, or are a total novice, you can still enjoy the Algar Botanical Garden.