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Bingo Plaza Benidorm, Costa Blanca

Looking for an adult day or night out? Look no further than Benidorm’s Bingo Plaza. Serving a wide variety of drinks throughout the day and evening, you’ll be well looked after as you play. The bingo hall comprises of very elegant and comfortable chairs, allowing you to play in comfort and style.

Don’t feel restricted to just playing bingo, though. There is also an excellent Roulette wheel within the complex, so why not chance your luck on this old favourite? Tuck into a hot or cold meal from one of the Bingo Plaza’s food menus to keep up your energy levels. If you are visiting on a special occasion, they have a menu for that too, ranging from Mother’s Day to a wedding anniversary.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can take your chances in the Betting room on a variety of sports including rugby and horse racing.

There is also onsite valet parking available if you are driving in.