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Calpe Salt Mine, Costa Blanca

For keen birdwatchers, take a trip to the serene Calpe Salt Mine, where you can witness a flock of flamingos feeding from the edge of the glittering lake. A stroll along this peaceful area takes you away from the hustle and bustle of central Calpe and gives you the opportunity to see eye-catching wildlife, without having to visit a local Spanish zoo.

The beauty of the Calpe Salt Mine is how unique it is; it provides stunning and surprising sights in the middle of sunny Spain. You can both drive and walk to this relaxing location, but for in-depth look, it’s best to take a stroll to experience the real life beauty of the hundreds of flamingos that roam here.

Calpe Sat Mine will give you quite the suntan, with less shade and more exposure to the warm Spanish sun. If you’re planning to head to the salt mine, make sure you’ve packed your sun cream, ahead of your arrival.