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Beaches, Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is home to some of the most picturesque resorts in the whole of Spain, with an exquisite range of fine sandy beaches dotted along the coastline, spoiling holidaymakers who are looking to truly relax. Sit back on a sun lounger and relax at the stunning Mal Pas beach, located next door to Benidorm’s quirky old town or dive in the glistening waters at Playa de la Fossa o Levanta, in the wondrous resort of Calpe.

Altea beach

Altea beach doesn’t attract those in search of sun, sea and sand due to it being a pebbly stretch along the coast. However, if you are in search of privacy and relaxation, Altea beach is the perfect spot for you. The nearby promenade allows you to grab a drink and a bite to eat at a local cafe, or, if you prefer, you can dine in style at one of the many restaurants situated in the area.

Despite being quieter than many of Costa Blanca’s other beaches, Altea beach has all the facilities you would expect including parking and toilets. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for hire and there is also a volleyball net for sport lovers who fancy a game on the beach.

Just off the beach are narrow streets with local shops you can peruse on your way to or back from listening to the waves lapping on the shore.

Calas de Calpe

Calas de Calpe’s beach is known to get extremely busy, especially during the summer months. However, there’s a reason so many people flock to this particular beach; firstly, it is in a very handy location for those who are holidaying in Calpe, located just a short walk away from the town.

Secondly, the shallow waters in the bay make it a great place for children to swim under the supervision of their parents. The beach also offers an unspoilt view of the Peñón de Ifach, an enormous isolated rock and one of the last foothills of the Betic mountain ranges. As you would expect, facilities such as toilets are available, as are sunbeds and umbrellas, which you can rent to get out of the sun.

Whether you are looking to soak up the sun, take a relaxing stroll, or find a fun place to bring the kids for a day at the beach, Calas De Calpe is the ideal option for all.

La Almadrava Cove

Situated north of Benidorm at the foot of Serra Gelada, La Almadrava cove is the go-to beach for those who are in search of privacy and peace. There is no parking permitted nearby due to the narrow roads that lead to the beach, which deters many holidaymakers from paying it a visit.

Only 100m in length, this beach generally has a low population of tourists, meaning you stand a good chance of having it to yourself if you time your visit it right. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for hire to keep you safe from the sun’s glare. La Almadrava cove is also an ideal place for divers and lovers of underwater sports; the clear waters of the coast and rocky bottoms make it a fantastic area to explore underwater.

If you are in search of somewhere to relax in an unspoilt setting, look no further than La Almadrava cove.


Levante is the quintessential vision of a Spanish beach. This beach sprawls across a long stretch of coastline, meaning that, although it attracts a lot of visitors, you don’t need to fear overcrowding.

Situated in very close proximity to the local hotels, Levante beach is a very convenient place for families to relax and play by the sea. Lifeguards are situated along the shore, meaning it is safe for children and adults alike to swim and play. If you are looking for a quieter time, then why not just bring a towel and a good book to sprawl on the golden sand for a few hours? Umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent and there are plenty of nearby shops and kiosks to purchase cold drinks, ice creams and snacks.

Levante is also handy for local eateries, letting you grab a meal after a long day of fun in the sun.

Mal Pas

The quaint and intimate Mal Pas beach is located in Benidorm’s Old Town. Between the two large bays of Levante and Poniente, this picturesque beach is perfect for the whole family, or for a romantic getaway for two.

Thanks to its close location to the old town, this cove beach mixes relaxation with exploration; wander round and discover the culture of this fascinating area. Mal Pas is not only great for its clear waters and golden sands, but its atmosphere, too. A lively bars sit on the harbour nearby, as well as tasty local eateries to pick and choose from.

Unlike most beaches, it is not brimming with tourists in high season, though it is a popular among tourists due to its dreamy waters and enjoyable atmosphere. For a secluded getaway and ultimate luxury, a visit to Mal Pas is a must.

Playa Arenal-Bol

The impressive Playa Arenal-Bol beach stretches 2.4km in length, with fine white sands spreading across the cool blue sea front. Playa Arenal-Bol is great for those who want to relax in the sun without the overcrowded feel.

Popular bars and restaurants surround the beach; offering plenty of choice to grab a bite to eat. What’s great about this beach is the activities it offers for those who visit; you can get involved in a vast range of water sports.

Team up with family or friends and hire a pedalo, or experience the adventure of a jet ski ride. If swimming is more your thing, have a quick dip in the aqua waters. Then, dry off on one of the many sunbeds available to hire, or cool off under a thatch sun umbrella.

Playa de la Fossa o Levante

Playa de la Fossa o Levante is a large and lively beach, Located in beautiful Calpe, Spain’s popular beach town. Discover crystal clear waters and a choose from a great selection of shops and restaurants dotted along the beach. With lots to do and see, Playa de la Fossa o Levante is ideal for families with children.

Located near Calpe town centre, Playa de la Fossa o Levante offers the luxury of the beach front, with the choice to shop and explore. Take a stroll along the seafront and immerse yourself in the scenic views that this attractive beach has to offer. Our tip: walk towards the rock at the end of the beach and capture idyllic images of Playa de la Fossa o Levante.

Sunbeds are available to rent for around €5, but make sure you visit early; this is a particularly popular beach among tourists.

Playa del Albir

Playa del Albir is a pleasant beach, located in the province of Alicante. As well as looking the part, the beach’s location is filled with history; Albir town was originally designed entirely from scratch.

If you’re looking for a quiet and secluded beach, Playa del Albir is the place to be. That’s not to say this beach isn’t filled with a lively atmosphere. In fact, you can listen to live music performances from local artists at the beach bar while you soak up the sun, making it a perfect beach for both couples and families.

There’s something for everyone at Playa del Albir. Snorkel in the depths of the clear waters, visit the fantastic neighbouring nature reserve or try and taste different cuisines from the local eateries nearby. For the best sunbathing spot, settle down on the western side of the beach; lay flat on fine white sands and overlook the endless views of the rippling waves.


If you’re looking for a beach without the hustle and bustle of busy tourist beaches, look no further. Stroll past the Benidorm’s Old Town and discover the beauty that is Poniente beach.

What’s great about this attractive beach is its wonderfully relaxed and uncrowded atmosphere. Poniente is actually one of the most fascinating beaches in Benidorm, with both high-rise buildings and hotels scattering the skyline. An impressive new walkway sits beside the idyllic beach, which cost a startling 11 million euros to build.

Palm trees shoot up from the sandy bay and paved edge of the beach. As well as its breathtaking scenery, this beach is a great spot for those who love to swim. Relax peacefully on a sun lounger and take in the salty sea air, or lay out a towel on the miles of rich, white grains of sand.

Tio Ximo Cove

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the secluded Tio Ximo Cove, surrounded by steep cliffs and clear blue waters. To get there, head up past the end of Levante and Cable Ski. Then, stroll up the hill and make your way towards this tranquil location.

Visitors can snorkel in the depths of the sea and experience the wonders of the cove’s neighbouring sea life. Swim close to the sides of the cliffs, to uncover the vast amounts of fish living in the cove’s waters.

This luxurious location is definitely worth discovering on your visit to Benidorm; it offers a calm atmosphere that you can’t quite guarantee at the more popular tourist beaches.

Unfortunately, there are not many amenities available near the cove, so it’s wise to pack a picnic for when you get there.