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La Almadrava Cove, Costa Blanca

Situated north of Benidorm at the foot of Serra Gelada, La Almadrava cove is the go-to beach for those who are in search of privacy and peace. There is no parking permitted nearby due to the narrow roads that lead to the beach, which deters many holidaymakers from paying it a visit.

Only 100m in length, this beach generally has a low population of tourists, meaning you stand a good chance of having it to yourself if you time your visit it right. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for hire to keep you safe from the sun’s glare. La Almadrava cove is also an ideal place for divers and lovers of underwater sports; the clear waters of the coast and rocky bottoms make it a fantastic area to explore underwater.

If you are in search of somewhere to relax in an unspoilt setting, look no further than La Almadrava cove.