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Poniente, Costa Blanca

If you’re looking for a beach without the hustle and bustle of busy tourist beaches, look no further. Stroll past the Benidorm’s Old Town and discover the beauty that is Poniente beach.

What’s great about this attractive beach is its wonderfully relaxed and uncrowded atmosphere. Poniente is actually one of the most fascinating beaches in Benidorm, with both high-rise buildings and hotels scattering the skyline. An impressive new walkway sits beside the idyllic beach, which cost a startling 11 million euros to build.

Palm trees shoot up from the sandy bay and paved edge of the beach. As well as its breathtaking scenery, this beach is a great spot for those who love to swim. Relax peacefully on a sun lounger and take in the salty sea air, or lay out a towel on the miles of rich, white grains of sand.