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Tio Ximo Cove, Costa Blanca

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the secluded Tio Ximo Cove, surrounded by steep cliffs and clear blue waters. To get there, head up past the end of Levante and Cable Ski. Then, stroll up the hill and make your way towards this tranquil location.

Visitors can snorkel in the depths of the sea and experience the wonders of the cove’s neighbouring sea life. Swim close to the sides of the cliffs, to uncover the vast amounts of fish living in the cove’s waters.

This luxurious location is definitely worth discovering on your visit to Benidorm; it offers a calm atmosphere that you can’t quite guarantee at the more popular tourist beaches.

Unfortunately, there are not many amenities available near the cove, so it’s wise to pack a picnic for when you get there.