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Sights, Benidorm

The scenery in Benidorm is breathtaking and there are plenty of opportunities to head out and see what the landscape has to offer. Watch the ocean waves wash against the shore from the high-rise balcony at Balcon del Mediterraneo, where you can experience truly unforgettable sea views as you walk through the impressive, detailed archway.

Balcon del Mediterraneo

Balcon del Mediterraneo is located in Benidorm’s old town and is a favourite destination for holidaymakers from all over the world. Balcon del Mediterraneo offers some of the finest views to be seen anywhere in Benidorm. It can be accessed by taking a leisurely and equally scenic walk through the old town.

If you have a passion for photography, Balcon del Mediterraneo should be extremely high up on your list of places to visit while in Benidorm. The balcony, which stretches out to sea, offers unrivalled views of the beach and ocean at any time of the day or night. Balcon del Mediterraneo makes for an incredibly romantic spot to bring your special someone to gaze out onto the horizon. The view in the evening allows you to see Benidorm’s coastline illuminated by the street lights.

The nearby beach is just as beautiful and is the ideal place to call at once you have taken in the view.

Benidorm Old Town

Benidorm Old Town is beautifully preserved and gives visitors the chance to truly experience Spanish architecture, cuisine and hospitality. The old town’s atmosphere is much more relaxed and subdued than that of the more modern parts of Benidorm, so if you are looking for somewhere to take a peaceful walk and peruse some shops, this is the ideal destination for you.

The quaint streets are home to local shops where you can purchase souvenirs from your trip. The streets also house some of Benidorm’s finest independent restaurants, which serve up a wide range of food, including traditional, freshly cooked Spanish delicacies. Why not pull up a chair? You can dine al fresco and watch the world go by as you sample some delectable cuisine.

Benidorm old Town is close to the sea, making it the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll to the beach and enjoy the gorgeous ocean views.

Church of San Jaime

The Church of San Jaime in Benidorm is located at the Plaza de San Jaime. If you a have a passion for works of art, religion or Spanish architecture, you simply cannot afford to miss the chance to visit the Church of San Jaime.

This church was built between 1740 and 1780; unsurprisingly, you will find the Church of San Jaime at the highest part of Benidorm’s old town, where other buildings from the same period are still standing. Despite extensive restoration, the original spirit and beauty of the church is every bit as present now as it was 300 years ago. The white exterior of the building has been remarkably well preserved, as have the blue tiles that make up the cupola.

The church is still used today, with the most important religious feasts of the city still being celebrated here. Visitors can walk around the inside and take in the stunning architecture.

Day trip to Valencia

Taking a day trip to Valencia from Benidorm couldn’t be simpler. Located about 90 minutes away, Valencia is a charming city that can easily bring a full day’s worth of fun for visitors of all ages. The third largest city in all of Spain, can be easily reached by road.

The city boasts an incredible blend of both modern and historic architecture. You could make an entire day out of just wandering the streets and taking in the vast beauty of the modern buildings and the fantastically well-preserved churches and monuments.

Valencia is also home to some gorgeous sprawling beaches for those in search of sun, sea and sand. Take in the City of Arts and Science to see the enormous aquarium and planetarium. There is also an art museum and science museum to be explored.

For those in search of retail therapy, the city is home to a huge selection of designer stores, as well as the Central Market, which can be found in in the gothic building, Lonja. It houses nearly one-thousand stalls.


The gorgeous village of Guadalest can be located approximately 20 kilometres away from Benidorm. The village is one of the most picturesque to be found anywhere in Costa Blanca. The streets are small and lined with delightful cafes and shops for tourists to peruse and enjoy a delicious meal.

The village is situated on a mountain, which overlooks the splendid reservoir of water of the Embalse de Guadalest. There is a beautiful reservoir, which visitors can walk around or even take a short boat ride on for a reasonable price.

There is a selection of interesting museums in the village, including the Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers and the Museum of Rivers Girona, which is home to a range of contemporary art and architecture. However, the main draw for many people is the castle, which sits high upon the mountains above Guadalest, and is rich in local history. The castle offers spectacular panoramic views.

La Cruz De Benidorm

La Cruz De Benidorm is located high on the hills above the city and offers an astounding view of the coastline and buildings below. Visit during the day to see the waves washing up on the shore and enjoy the beautifully clear blue skies. Alternatively, head to La Cruz De Benidorm in the evening and be dazzled by the stars and the glistening coastline as the buildings are lit up.

La Cruz translated is “The Cross”, and is a crowning monument atop the Sierra Helada. Originally placed on the top of the Sierra Helada in 1961 to redeem the city of its sinful reputation, La Cruz has since become a tourist icon. Thousands of visitors from all over the world visit the site each year.

La Cruz De Benidorm is illuminated at night and is a shining beacon to tourists who want to take in the incredible sights and sounds.

Palm grove village

Palm grove village is located in Elche and is a real miracle of nature. With more than 200,000 trees, Palm grove village is actually the largest palm grove town to be found anywhere in Europe. It is also a World Heritage Site thanks to its rich cultural legacy; for this reason, nature lovers are in paradise when they visit the palm grove village.

The botanical gardens are littered with various species of cacti and palm trees of all shapes and sizes – one even bears a strong resemblance to a candelabra. Visitors have the opportunity to be at one with nature here; the pal grove village has a very tranquil atmosphere, making it the perfect place to come and relax.

Aside from the botanical gardens, there is a beautiful walk that takes visitors through some unique buildings, giving them the chance to view the gorgeous fountains, which were inspired by neo-Arab designs.

Placa del Castell

The Placa del Castell can be located right on Benidorm’s coast and offers spectacular panoramic views of the gorgeous coastline. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful architecture of this idyllic setting; there are plenty of places to take a seat and take in the glorious sights and sounds of the ocean.

The viewing platform stretches out to the sea and makes for a romantic view, particularly in the evening when Benidorm’s coastline is illuminated by the city lights. The Placa del Castell is a photographer’s dream, so this is the perfect place for you to snap some memorable shots.

There is also a restaurant which provides its patrons with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Tuck into a delicious meal and relax as you take in the scenery from the restaurant’s windows. You can also visit the beach, which is located to the left of the Placa del Castell and enjoy a stroll on the sand.

Sierra Helada Natural Park

If you are looking for somewhere in Benidorm to take a good walk, the Sierra Helada Natural Park is a fantastic seven-kilometre route, which provides you and your companions with spectacular views out over these and towards Albir. Take in the beauty of the hillsides you are surrounded by in the Sierra Helada Natural Park; eventually, you will reach the old lighthouse, which sits atop a cliff right on the edge of the coast, providing visitors with an unrivalled view of the horizon.

Sierra Helada Natural Park is paved to allow those with young children, mobility scooters and wheelchairs to enjoy the path, too. The route is a favourite with visitors from all over the world, who are keen to experience Benidorm’s quiet and natural side, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is probably nowhere better to enjoy a leisurely walk in the countryside, whether you are a solo traveller or with other people.