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Benidorm Old Town

Benidorm Old Town is beautifully preserved and gives visitors the chance to truly experience Spanish architecture, cuisine and hospitality. The old town’s atmosphere is much more relaxed and subdued than that of the more modern parts of Benidorm, so if you are looking for somewhere to take a peaceful walk and peruse some shops, this is the ideal destination for you.

The quaint streets are home to local shops where you can purchase souvenirs from your trip. The streets also house some of Benidorm’s finest independent restaurants, which serve up a wide range of food, including traditional, freshly cooked Spanish delicacies. Why not pull up a chair? You can dine al fresco and watch the world go by as you sample some delectable cuisine.

Benidorm old Town is close to the sea, making it the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll to the beach and enjoy the gorgeous ocean views.