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Food and Drink, Costa Blanca

From seafood to tapas, you will be spoilt for choice trying to decide where to eat in Costa Blanca. Our Plaice, in beautiful Alicante, is the perfect restaurant for seafood lovers, serving up the best fish and chips in the whole of Costa Blanca. If you’re looking to taste traditional Mediterranean dishes, head to Tapas Alley in Benidorm and try a variety of different delectable dishes, designed to suit the finest of palates.

Amigos Bistro

The tasty Amigos Bistro offers fresh seafood dishes and traditional Spanish tapas, paired with a charming and charismatic atmosphere. Two brothers, Nas and Dino opened this wonderful establishment back in 2011, and are renowned for making every visitor feel welcome throughout the course of their meal.

Enjoy a delectable English breakfast with a Spanish twist as you overlook the sea, or visit at night for a fine dining experience with a lively atmosphere. Eat here any day or night of the week, except a Tuesday when the bistro is closed.

Visit the bistro early to enjoy tasty food before a long day at the beach, as the bistro is just a stone throw away from the peaceful Poniente beach. Every dish is homemade and made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients; making the Amigos Bistro a well sought after restaurant in the heart of Benidorm.

Beachfront bars

Costa Blanca literally means “White Coast”, which sums up the beauty of this stretch of coastline perfectly. With over 200km of glorious beaches and stunning views of the ocean, you can be certain there are countless beachfront bars to be enjoyed.

Oli-ba-b, for example, is located right on the beach, promising an unspoilt view of the ocean and local mountains. With replica Easter Island statues, this bar offers a real tropical feel, with thatched huts and exotic drinks available.

Why not call in at the Tiki-Beach Bar, which has a relaxed vibe and serves both food and drink on the beach? With large umbrella, you can escape the Spanish sun and chill with a cocktail as you take in the view.

Get off the beach for a while and pay a visit to the Silver Dollar Pub for a more traditional English atmosphere. With a great sea view, this sports bar has a very casual ambience and also hosts live music.

Cheap places to eat

Costa Blanca is famous for being home to a great many gourmet restaurants, situated all along the gorgeous coastline. That being said, despite the exquisite food available at these eateries, fine dining isn’t to everyone’s taste, or within everyone’s budget. However, fine dining isn’t the only option when it comes to eating out; in fact, there are countless cheap places to eat within easy reach of your hotel.

If you are in the mood for curry, why not pay a visit to Curry Place, which can provide you with a spicy lunch or mouth-watering evening meal for a great price? Yorkshire Pride Three and Jimmy’s Red Lion are located in Benidorm and tempt the appetites those in search of traditional English cuisine.

There’s also plenty of traditional Mediterranean eateries that offer scrumptious Spanish delicacies for great prices. Casa Juani in Torrevieja is one of these, as is La Crispeta in Alicante.

Gourmet eateries

It would be a crime to visit Costa Blanca and not pay a visit to one of the great many gourmet eateries located along the coastline. Offering a wide range of choice, Costa Blanca is filled with fine dining opportunities, promising an eating experience you will not soon forget.

Pay a visit to La Finca for the ultimate gourmet experience. Each plate is like a work of art; crafted to perfection, La Finca’s cuisine is considered to be some of the finest in all of Spain, which is why tables are in high demand.

Puerto Blanco in Calpe has also proven to be astoundingly popular with those in search of a fine dining experience. This gourmet restaurant prides itself on serving exquisite Mediterranean dishes that look every bit as dazzling as they taste. The ambience is also a favourite with patrons, providing a beautiful pool to dine beside; this is especially breath-taking during the evening.

Harbour restaurants

For a modern dining experience, visit the Vintage Restaurant & Bar in Santa Pola, Alicante. This delightful eatery offers seafood, Mediterranean and European cuisine, where you can admire the fabulous view of the glittering marina, while you eat.

Beautifully presented food is perfectly placed on your plate with large portions for an affordable price. Our tasty tip: order the croquettes for starter, monkfish for main and chocolate fondant for dessert.

Walk along the beautiful Marina Deportiva harbour and find Taberan del Puerto, Puerto de Alicante. Enjoy the picturesque setting of the harbour while you eat, and taste some traditional and tasty Spanish cuisine this fabulous restaurant has to offer.

Taberan del Puerto is known as the best restaurant in the Port to visit as a tourist, without being surrounded by tourists, thanks to its authentic Spanish feel. The €25 menu is a hit with locals and tourists, offering 4 different and delectable starters to choose from including prawn mousse, cured iberico ham, onion soup and much more.

La Costera

La Costera offers one of the most incredible dining experiences in Altea, with many people considering it to be the finest eatery in the whole area. This restaurant offers a marvellous Mediterranean menu for you to explore, delighting diners with delicious gourmet cuisine that looks every bit as fantastic as it tastes.

La Costera proves particularly popular with couples who are looking to book a romantic meal for two. The restaurant itself provides a homely and intimate ambience, which is perfect for creating a romantic mood. That being said, La Costera is also a hit with solo travellers and groups.

Whether you are in mood for mind-blowing seafood delicacies or something a little more traditional, the restaurant’s menu is designed to suit a wide range of palettes, meaning you are sure to find something to satisfy your hunger. There is also an excellent wine list and dessert menu.

Le Boulevard

No two days are ever the same at Le Boulevard thanks to chef Fienus Kramers, who famously creates his menus on a day-to-day basis. The only guarantee with this restaurant, conveniently located just a few hundred yards from the sea, is that the food will be to die for. You don’t need to worry about being disappointed by having a dish placed in front of you that won’t be to your taste; the waiters at Le Boulevard are sure to make note of any of your culinary likes and dislikes, so get set to be satisfied.

Instagram is awash with pictures of the exquisite meals that diners have been served here. A great deal of care is put into making each dish an absolute masterpiece, meaning your meal will be just as photogenic as it is delicious. If you are near Boulevard de Los Musicos and are looking for gourmet dining, look no further than Le Boulevard.


Located in the heart of Benidorm’s Old Town, Paneil’s is a restaurant and steak house. Don’t let the low prices deceive you, Paneil’s promises cuisine of only the finest quality, cooked to perfection. Sirloin, fillet, rib-eye, T-Bone; all these and more are available at Paneil’s, cooked exactly how you like them.

Aside from the exquisite and hearty steak dishes, the restaurant also caters for those who are in the mood for main courses other than just steak, serving fish and vegetarian dishes. There’s also a wonderful range of desserts available to order to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Paneil’s is open every evening from 7pm onwards, making it the perfect place for diners who are looking to dine later in the evening; pick a fine bottle of red wine and enjoy a succulent steak at one of Benidorm’s most revered eating establishments. It is recommended you reserve your table in advance as Paneil’s is known to book up fast, particularly in the tourist seasons.


Sabor combines a simple and clean atmosphere with absolutely incredible cuisine to make it stand out from the other restaurants in Altea. Sabor can be found in front of the nautical club and is one of the most sought-after eateries in the whole of Costa Blanca. It is renowned for its delightful décor, first-rate service and, of course, exquisite food. In fact, it possesses a Certificate of Excellence.

The restaurant is situated very conveniently at the start of a long seafront, making it a very popular choice. Each dish is crafted into a work of art, no matter what you decide to order – it really is a shame to have to cut into Sabor’s delectable cuisine.

Open for most of the day, it attracts quite a lunchtime crowd thanks to its lunch menu. However, there are also special menus for special occasions, making Sabor the perfect eatery to reserve if you are in Costa Blanca for a special occasion.

Seafood restaurants

Enjoy perfect seafood at the popular La Gambita de Benidorm, where fish are cooked on request by guests. This popular fish restaurant offers traditional Spanish dishes, at an affordable price.

Queue up, choose from a vast selection of fish from the iced counter and wait for your food to be fried or grilled by one of the many experienced chefs.

Another delectable delight is Our Plaice in Alicante – renowned for serving the tastiest fish and chips in Costa Blanca. Located in La Marina, this tasty seafood restaurant offers dinner with a view, a charming atmosphere and generous portion sizes.

For the vegetarians out there who want a taste of the sea, this delectable eatery offers plenty of vegetarian friendly dishes to choose from. Take a stroll down to this charming restaurant or book a table before 5pm, to indulge in the teatime special food offer.